180 ° turn in the goodbye of Shakira and her children: now they deny everything

The Colombian singer already has everything ready to settle in Miami after Christmas. Torino, her brother, a trusted man and essential help for the singer, was in charge of choosing the school for her nephews. All this, following the guidelines of the Shakira about the style of school you want by Sasha and Milan.

This past weekend, the Colombian woman and her children boarded the artist's private plane and, according to various media outlets, everything indicated that they were heading to Miami. They ensured that Shakira I was going to check the house in which they will live. A mansion owned by the star and showing the children their future school.

  1. The family went to a recurring place
  2. Piqué will visit the court to regulate the visiting agreement this week

The family went to a recurring place

However, the family made a shorter trip and stayed in the Cantabrian town of Santander, one of their favorite destinations. This is because they can surf, even though it is currently cold, and also to disconnect. Made necessary after the tensions experienced as a result of the rupture of the one from Barranquilla with the former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

After the signing of the agreement by both parties, things have calmed down. They reached this point after a long negotiation and various tensions with their respective lawyers. After Christmas is over, Shakira you have a free hand to leave Barcelona with the little ones and start a new life for the USA and to be able to relaunch his professional career.

Piqué will visit the court to regulate the visiting agreement this week

During the week, the former player of the Barcelona and the Colombian singer will ratify in the Court of Barcelona the agreement that he agrees that regulates the relationship of his parents with their two children. That is, how, when and in what way their coexistence and meetings will take place. Piqué will be able to spend ten days a month with his children in Miami or where appropriate, if they lack school.

In the event that he wanted to settle in the city of Florida, something that the Catalan completely rules out, he would have the children fifteen days a month, under joint custody. Sources from Piqué's environment deny that there is any secret clause imposed by Shakira, that prevents Piqué from going to live in Miami, if he so wishes. Although, the ex azulgrana's aspirations are to one day preside over the barcawhere he was so happy and acclaimed during his sporting life.

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