A 5-year-old boy dies from an accident with a thumbtack

The death of Kyle Lewis, a 5-year-old boy, in a accident domestic with a thumbtack, is going around the world. It happened in Leeds (Yorkshire, United Kingdom). The minor died in the hospital where he was admitted after swallowing a thumbtack from a notice board.

It all started when Kyle put a thumbtack in his mouth taking advantage of a distraction from his parents. The boy was rushed to the hospital, where doctors managed to bring him back to life up to four times. From there he was taken to Leeds Medical Center, in critical condition.

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He spent two days fighting for his life, but a scan showed damage to 95% of his brain. Finally, he had an adverse reaction, he began to convulse, his fever rose and he died accompanied by his parents. Little Kyle died after a last hug with mom and dad.

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the last hug

"They kept him on life support until we were ready to say goodbye, but you're never ready, are you, Kyle?" The one who speaks like this is Emma, ​​​​the mother of the 5-year-old boy who died after swallowing a thumbtack. "Kyle decided it was her time after one last hug with mom and dad," she explains.

Kyle Lewis with his mother Emma

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In his own words, "his heart beat for the last time while we embraced him." The nightmare began two days earlier, on October 28, just six days after her fifth anniversary. As reported The star"After swallowing a bulletin board thumbtack, he was taken to hospital."

The doctors at Rotherham General Hospital managed to save his life and sent him to a center with more resources and specialists. At Leeds Hospital they found that he suffered irreversible brain damage. Ultimately, he died in the company of his parents, Emma and Mark, who are now devastated.

dinosaur lover

«I cannot express with words what I feel, I am broken beyond my words. I feel like it's not real, I don't want it to be real, they kept him on life support until we could say goodbye. He was the double of his father, very smart but cheeky at the same time, "said her mother.

At the age of five, Kyle was in love with dinosaurs. "We say that instead of angel wings, dinosaur wings have grown," says his mother. For the funeral they personalized T-shirts with the child's photo and a blue heart, a dinosaur and the message 'Kyle-saurus'. In addition, the mother has revealed a very special anecdote: they made a memorial on the stairs at home and a dinosaur fell in the place where the boy used to leave his toys.

Kyle Lewis with wings


sunk in pain

A friend of the Lewis family has opened a GoFundMe fundraising campaign for the boy's parents and five sisters "to make things a little easier for the family." At the moment they have already achieved a thousand pounds (just over €1,000), which may alleviate the situation that Kyle's family is experiencing, although it will not quench his pain.

"After the funeral I won't be able to hug him anymore. When I was there I would go two or three times a week, I would go up to the bed with him and talk to him. This is destroying me, people tell me to be strong, but it's not that easy," laments his mother, who remembers the afternoons in the hospital.

He assures that he does not know how to grieve and that he feels "like a robot" with a broken heart. Mrs. Lewis has taken the opportunity to thank the staff of the Leeds Hospital for their attention to the minor. And above all, for having allowed his parents to be with him in one last hug.

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