A body appears in pieces in a suitcase in the center of Barcelona

Macabre discovery in the center of the Catalan capital. As published by the newspaper The casethe Mossos d'Esquadra investigate the discovery of a body in a container in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. According to the first information confirmed by the Catalan police, the body was inside a suitcase in a garbage container.

The events took place this Tuesday morning, November 29, in a garbage can on the corner of Calle Casanova and Avenida Roma. The investigation has been assumed by the Criminal Investigation Area of ​​the Mossos d'Esquadra (AIC) to clarify and identify the identity of the victim and also to know the causes of death. Everything seems to indicate that it is the body of a man, although tests will have to be carried out to confirm it.

  1. Only the torso part has been found
  2. The corpse has already been raised

Only the torso part has been found

The first police information ensures that the body is not whole. Only the part of the trunk has been found in an advanced state of decomposition. Two people discovered it when they were going to throw out the garbage and, when they realized what it was, they stopped an ambulance.

The police have alerted the owners of the surrounding bars and warned them that they will not be able to use the terraces while the investigation is underway. They themselves assure that it will last a long time. The suitcase was discovered around eleven in the morning and at this point, the police have already left the scene.

On the other hand, the Mossos have deployed a large device that has blocked the passage of pedestrians by completely cordoning off one of the sidewalks. They have also spread a tarp to protect the privacy of the deceased.

As @sanchezberger has published on his Twitter, the area is already cordoned off and the Mossos d'Esquadra They work at the scene. With the attached image you can see a judicial police van that has traveled to the event.

The corpse has already been raised

The judicial entourage arrived at the place of discovery around one in the afternoon and proceeded with the removal of the body. After loading the body into the van, it has left and the Mossos have remained investigating the container. Summary secrecy is expected to be decreed.

As he has published on his Twitter profile @alfcongostrina, the Mossos are checking the container where the suitcase with the body appeared. With this publication, he attaches a small video fragment where you can see two Catalan police vehicles next to the garbage container where the body would have been found.

At this time, the scientific police are checking the interior of the container in which the body was found. It is expected that more details of the event will be known in the next few hours.

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