a scrap yard and a battery of containers

More news is known about the discovery of a corpse in a container in the Eixample de Barcelona. The Mossos d'Esquadra They are investigating the events that occurred this Tuesday, November 29, in the morning. The Catalan police have discovered that it was a scrap dealer who found the suitcase with the torso of a man inside.

The junk dealer with his iron pole, used to remove garbage normally, has identified the suitcase. This was large and weighed more than normal. When he opened it, he observed what looked like human remains.

The scrap dealer has gone to the tobacconist's shop where he usually buys tobacco and has notified the shopkeeper, as explained by the person who runs the tobacconist's shop. They both went to check on the dumpster and alerted a passing ambulance. The medical personnel have alerted the municipal services, which have notified the Mossos directly around eleven in the morning.

  1. The police have closed off the area shortly after
  2. They have taken the entire battery of containers for investigation

The police have closed off the area shortly after

The events have taken place on the corner between the streets of Casanova and Avenida Roma in the Eixample neighborhood of the Catalan capital. Several Mossos patrols quickly moved in, cordoning off the entire area and blocking pedestrian crossings to completely close one of the sidewalks. They have also installed several tarpaulins to protect the privacy of the deceased.

The investigative court number 23 of Barcelona has opened proceedings. The entire judicial delegation, with the magistrate, the lawyer, the prosecutor and the coroner, has gone to the place to carry out the corresponding procedures and proceed to remove the body. Around one in the afternoon they arrived at the scene and after loading the body into the van, it has left.

They have taken the entire battery of containers for investigation

Thus, the lifting of the body has occurred around 1:30 p.m. The Mossos d'Esquadra They have been investigating the gray container where there was only the suitcase and a bag. The investigation has been assumed by the Criminal Investigation Area of ​​the Mossos d'Esquadra (AIC) who hope to identify the identity of the victim, as well as to know the causes of death.

Subsequently, three cleaning trucks have loaded and moved the entire battery of containers so that the Mossos can examine them carefully. The case, which has not been declared secret, is pending receipt of the autopsy report and the corresponding police proceedings.

Inside the suitcase, the trunk of what looked like a man was perfectly cut. Forensic tests will confirm the sex of the body as well as clarify what parts of the body have been found and especially where the missing ones are.

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