A teenager kills another 13-year-old and asks for help on Instagram

The police have arrested Joshua Cooper, a 16-year-old teenager, as the alleged perpetrator of the death of a 13-year-old girl. The young man confessed to having killed her in a video ofinstagram where he asked for help to dispose of the body. He is now detained in a detention center detention juvenile.

The events have occurred in Bensalem, in Bucks County in Pennsylvania (USA). On Friday, police received a call from a woman who claimed that her daughter had received a disturbing video online. The sender was Joshua Cooper, a student only 16 years old.

In the video he claimed to have killed a person before showing the camera "someone's legs and feet covered in blood." According to police sources, she then asked her friend for help to dispose of her body. The woman, horrified by what she had seen, decided to notify the police.

  1. A shot to the chest
  2. The main hypothesis
  3. She wanted to turn her friend into an accomplice

A shot to the chest

The agents went to the place where the author of the video, Joshua Cooper, lived in a motorhome. The teenager ran out before the police arrived and when they entered his house they found his body. It was a 13-year-old girl, shot in the chest.

Joshua Cooper, 16 years old

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They immediately organized a police operation to arrest the alleged perpetrator of the crime. He was intercepted shortly after and taken to police stations to take a statement. In the trailer there were indications that he had tried to clean up the crime scene and they found a weapon.

The agents are now investigating who the weapon belonged to and how the young man managed to access it. They also investigate the relationship between the murderer and the victim, although at first it seems that they did not know each other. They try to clarify the circumstances in which the death of the child occurred.

The main hypothesis

The main hypothesis is that 16-year-old Joshua killed a 13-year-old girl by shooting her with a pistol and then tried to erase the crime scene. In a moment of desperation, he contacted his friend throughinstagram. She confessed to him what he had done and asked him to help dispose of her body.

As revealed by the police department, the victim was a minor who had no apparent relationship with the alleged murderer. They did not reveal her identity, but they did state that she did not live in Bensalem, the place where she was murdered. They do not rule out that death could be accidental.

Joshua is now in the Edison Juvenile Detention Center in Doylestown, on bail. He is accused of murder, possession of weapons and tampering with the crime scene. Under county law, he could be tried as an adult.

She wanted to turn her friend into an accomplice

The woman who called the police recognized Joshua Cooper as an acquaintance of her daughter, whom she wanted to make an accomplice of a assassinat. Police found the body at Cooper's home, which they saw exiting the back of his trailer. They have no doubt that he is the perpetrator of the crime.

Scientific police

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Joshua Cooper is a student who belongs to the cybernetics charter school in Bensalem. The police investigate his lifestyle and what could have led him to commit the horrible crime. They have also thanked the mother of his friend for reporting the facts to the police.

In his opening statement, Joshua said that he had been a accident and that he took the gun out of his father's safe. A neighbor claims to have heard a shot and, going out to see what was happening, saw a boy running. He says he was sitting on a bench, that he talked to him and that he seemed worried.

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