A two-sided victory in Irún

In Irún, the Nàstic offered two very different images. A masterful first hour and a final 30 minutes of panic. From 0-3 to 2-3. Two versions that give arguments to both optimists and pessimists. Some will defend the exquisite football of the first half. The others the defensive weakness of the second, when the rival demanded you. The bottle half full or half empty. I prefer the first, because it was the one that allowed them to add another three points away from home and for Nàstic to maintain the distance of five points with the leader and cut to two with the second classified. As much as they say that defeats are learned, with victories the lessons are more pleasant.

A masterful hour

For an hour we saw the Nàstic that we want on the pitch of the GAL Stadium in Irún. A brave, intense team that came out to bite the rival and seek victory from minute 1. They set a high pace, speed to their football and also, the most difficult thing, was forceful in the shot. Guillermo Fernández scored his fifth goal of the season and Aarón Rey also made his debut in the Nàstic shirt. After, yes, crashing a ball to the post in an action in which he had the entire goal. The 0-3 came with the signature of the grana captain who is experiencing the best goalscoring season of his professional career. He had never scored more than two goals. This course takes three.


All those good feelings were watered down by the final half hour. She lowered her arms. The match was won and when they wanted to realize the mistake, the score was already 2-3. The fears arrived. Inaccuracies and precipitation. From the bench no solution was found and on the field the footballers were in a hurry. There were those who were hiding. That he did not want the ball, because it burned. Others suffered, showed deficiencies and immaturity. A bad time that ended well, with the three points in his pocket.

Andy Escudero

The man from Alicante was one of the most positive notes of the match. His presence in the team has been very irregular to date. He is one of the least used footballers by Raül Agné, when he came ready to start. He was from the start, in his debut, but he has barely repeated eleven on a couple more occasions. In Irún Andy was one of the novelties with respect to the starting team against Castellón and came out victorious. He understood the role of winger-interior perfectly, getting into the center to receive and touch and marking the movements behind the back. But where he offered more quality was in the pass. Two luxury assists were invented for Guillermo Fernández and Aarón Rey to make it 0-1 and 0-2, respectively.


After his tenth start, the midfielder from San Sebastián exhibited the virtues that brought him to Tarragona. To date he had chained disappointing performances. Quite the opposite of the first part of him in Irún. It was remarkable. Both in the construction of the game and in the pressure. The presence of Èric Montes as a partner in the midfield freed him and he let himself go more than in other confrontations. He even scored with a shot from distance, but Andy's offside goal was correctly disallowed by the referee. Perhaps being close to home was inspiring for the midfielder who, according to what they said in Irún, was on the unionist club's agenda.

Raul Agné

The figure of Agné will always be questioned. Whatever you do. Everyone will know why they have so much hatred for a coach who, with a better or worse, more or less attractive game -I admit that I like a more positional football, but it's a preference-, is getting results. He did it last year and he continues to do it this season, in which he has overcome a public ultimatum. He likes it or not. And it's not worth it to me that he has a huge squad. That he has it, but he could be reviewing teams (including some from the recent history of Nàstic) that were not up to the task. Some even went down. No, not everything bad is the coach's fault and everything good is the players' fault.

The Nàstic footballer from Alicante was chosen in the Diari de Tarragona -Esports (@Diari_Esports) twitter voting as the best man of the match in Nàstic's victory against Real Unión de Irún last Sunday (2-3). The player obtained 51.6% of the votes ahead of Joan Oriol's 22.6% and Guillermo Fernández and Aarón Rey's 12.9%. Precisely, Andy Escudero was the assistant in the two goals scored by the latter. In the 0-1 he leaked a ball to Guillermo over the defense so that the man from Bilbao could beat the goal. In the second he saw Aarón Rey's diagonal and also put the perfect ball for him to make it 0-2.

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