Adela González in shock over the audience that the 'Mediafest' is generating

Adela Gonzalez has managed to carve out an important place in Telecinco with his personality and professionalism. For this reason, not only has she been trusted to be one of the presenters of Save me but also of Mediafest Night Fevera program in which he leads the baton with Jorge Javier and that he expected to be a success with audiences.

However, the format in which eight celebrities must demonstrate different artistic skills is not captivating the public. This situation has led to measures being taken in this regard and they have already begun to become visible.

  1. Adela González sees the results
  2. Adela González is aware of the changes that have taken place

Adela González sees the results

The Basque journalist knows that Telecinco decided to bet on him media festival as a way to get better ratings on Friday nights. Thus, he relegated the Deluxe again on Saturdays.

The new format was considered to be a shock, since its 'predecessor', the mediafest save me, achieved a good 'share' in summer. Thus, everything was bet on him. For this reason, he signed faces less known to the public, such as Germán González, and also many other regulars in the universe. mediaset com Anabel Pantoja either Ana Maria Aldon.

Rocío Carrasco and Ana María Aldón


Adela is aware that, for whatever reason, the program has not achieved the expected results. The figures prove it, since in its premiere it only reached 10.8% of 'share' and in the second installment it dropped to 10.1%.

What doesn't hook the viewer? He may not be convinced to see famous people doing monologues or performing 'drags'. There is the possibility that the public is fed up with always seeing the same faces in all the programs or it may simply be that the public prefers the proposals of the rival chains, as would be the case of The voice a antenna 3.

Performance by Lydia Lozano


Adela González is aware of the changes that have taken place

The Basque presenter has seen that the chain and the producer of the Mediafest Night Fever They wanted to give the format a new opportunity to succeed. They have thought that they will follow the same line with which the aforementioned festival achieved success in summer. For this reason, this Friday all the famous participants only dedicated themselves to showing their artistic qualities by singing.

Moreover, it was decided to do as in that one and they were joined by well-known singers from that country. He took this measure because he believed that he could make the evening more attractive.

A good example of this is that lydia lozano he began to sing with one of the most powerful vocal trios. We are referring to 'Las Supremas de Móstoles'. The four of them performed one of the best-known songs by this trio of sisters: you are sick.

Adela was also a witness that Anabel PantojaFor his part, he was able to make his dream of becoming an artist come true for a day. And it is that she formed with Selena Leo, from 'Sonia y Selena', a duet to catch the public with the single Let it move, move, move.

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Likewise, Irma Soriano performed on stage full of march and energy. Thus, she gave everything together with K-narias to interpret the famous song Dont get dressed, you are not going.

The other contestants did the same with other relevant singers from our country. Now, however, another change is coming, and that is that the production company will also give the opportunity to show their talent to anonymous people.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait to see the hearings and discover if that first necessary change in the media festival it has been successful. If this were not the case, the continuity of the format could be jeopardized on Friday nights and even on the grid.

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