Alba Carrillo confirms that the rumors about Jorge Pérez were true

This Saturday the program Party announced an exclusive that completely surrounded Alba Carrillo and Jorge Perez. Apparently, these two public figures had flirted intensely on Friday night at a party at the production company. Finally, the collaborator has confirmed the rumors.

Jorge admitted that he has gone too far with Alba Carrillo and it has been pushed to the limit. Of course, she flatly denied that both had come to kiss. He himself has confessed to feeling bad about this whole affair and considers that he has betrayed his wife.

This news not only reached the set, but the program has had new images and direct testimony. This is a former friend who has stated that Jorge has been flirting with other women for a long time and that his wife, Alicia, is familiar to me.

  1. "I have not lived up to it"
  2. Was there a kiss between Alba Carrillo and her partner?
  3. The truth comes to light

"I have not lived up to it"

The program Party echoed the latest new bombshell: Alba Carrillo and his partner Jorge Pérez have flirted at a party last Friday. This news came directly to the set and has been a great surprise. The contributor has come to recognize that he overstepped the bounds with Alba Carrillo as for their flirtation, but that there was no kiss.

"I have not lived up to it," he himself affirmed after all that controversy that completely affects his wife. That's why he himself confessed that he was sorry he had completely betrayed her.

Montage of Jorge Pérez crying and the photo of the kiss with Alba Carrillo

| Catalonia Daily

Was there a kiss between Alba Carrillo and her partner?

Although Jorge denied that he had kissed Alba CarrilloMany of those present did not think the same. Even the collaborator was forced to leave the set of the television space after giving the corresponding explanations. The only thing he wanted was to be by his wife's side in these difficult times, so he decided to leave the program.emma garcia after having spoken.

After leaving, Party brought out new material: new tests ofAlba Carrillo and his friend came up and raised the debate of the moment. there was a kiss between Alba Carrillo and George? Many of those present were totally divided. It is true that many consider that this kiss had actually happened, but others believe that they were just silly kisses.

Kiss of Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez

| mediaset

The truth comes to light

As happens on other occasions, when a piece of news of this caliber appears, many more of the same style appear. Apparently, Alba Carrillo It has not been the first woman with whom he has flirted while being with his wife. The program has brought new information that completely exposes the collaborator.

A direct ex-friend of Jorge has given some statements to the television space that have not left the collaborator in a very good place. He assures that he has seen situations of this type both in Cantabria as Palencia and affirmed that "they called him the king of flirtation."

In addition, this same person has assured that his wife, Alicia, is aware of everything her partner does when he is out partying. He has made it clear with these words: «Alicia knows very well who her husband is and she buys him that way, but that does not mean that she likes it, what is more, she does not separate even with hot water because she knows what it is like».

The examiner has assured that Alba Carrillo is one more woman on the list of the many others with whom he has flirted. To top it off, he has mentioned a hotel owner from Palencia, with whom he seemed to be very interested.

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