Alert for the 'perfect storm' of the bronchiolitis virus: 6 symptoms

The worst face of bronchiolitis is already being felt in Spanish hospitals. Emergency doctors explain that the perfect storm of viruses is taking place, a situation that has put the entire health system on alert. The classic viruses of this time are joined by those of the COVID-19 and of the griphitting with greater virulence especially the most vulnerable population.

In some parts of Spain, such as Catalonia, they are already warning of a peak in cases of bronchiolitis. They will begin to appreciate especially from next week and will last until Christmas. The situation is more worrisome than I initially thought.

  1. The bronchiolitis virus has advanced in Spain
  2. symptoms of bronchiolitis
  3. The incidence among minors skyrockets
  4. Treatments for bronchiolitis and bronchitis

The bronchiolitis virus has advanced in Spain

The respiratory virus in infants and children increased by 1.7% last week, with a total of 1,900 infections. Of these, 10% required medical care. They warn that this pathology has been a few weeks ahead of schedule and that hospitals are not prepared to stop its progress.

Experts call on the population to act with some prevention. Among the measures they propose is the use of face mask in children older than 6 years with symptoms. It is also recommended to maintain social distance and avoid visiting babies under 3 months of age when there are any symptoms.

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In addition, they advise the population to be administered the vaccine of the grip. They assure that "the viruses are very well matched with the variants included in the vaccine, something that does not always happen."

symptoms of bronchiolitis

It is important that in order to stop the spread of the virus we know what the most frequent symptoms of bronchiolitis are. The national public health agency of the USA has revealed which are the most common. Among them is chest pain, cough with and without mucus, mild headache, tiredness and fatigue; also pains in the body and in the throat.

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In addition to all this, it is also necessary to put yourself in the hands of a doctor when other types of signs are appreciated. This is the case of a temperature above 38ºC, shortness of breath and coughing up mucus and blood, as well as breathing problems. You have to pay some attention if it lasts more than three weeks and does not let you sleep.

The incidence among minors skyrockets

Health professionals expect bronchiolitis cases to increase in the coming days. The manager of Zaragoza's health sector II, Luis Callén, assures The Herald that "has not yet reached its peak".

He points out that they expect "hard" days in the pediatric emergency room, where more than 200 children are treated daily. Many of these consultations are caused by the respiratory syncytial virus. It mainly affects "young children", causing bronchiolitis in infants and bronchitis in children older than two years.

Treatments for bronchiolitis and bronchitis

The pediatrician Elena Javierre points out to this newspaper what measures must be adopted to stop the virus. She is committed to hydration and environmental measures, avoiding tobacco smoke and dry places.



In the case of children, they insist on adopting a proper posture when sleeping. Let it be "something built in so secretions don't build up." He also considers saline lavages essential to keep the airways clear.

He clarifies that "it is not necessary" to resort to antibiotics when dealing with "viral processes". It is possible that it should be used in the case of complicated or super-infected bronchitis, but "it is not required at first".

As for cough syrups, cough suppressants, antihistamines or expectorants, they are not recommended. He considers that these are drugs that "also do not have proven scientific evidence."

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