Almudena Cid makes a tough decision to save her boyfriend's son

almudena cid It is once again on the lips of all the media. Recently, the news came to light that the former gymnast could have remade life with another person after separating just a year ago from Christian Galvez.

It should be remembered that the Basque and the presenter decided to end their love story after more than 11 years of marriage and 15 together in November 2021. Without a doubt, if it was already very hard for the actress once, all this The situation worsened even more when he witnessed that his ex-partner fell in love again just a few months after the breakup.

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Likewise, the man from Móstoles began a sentimental relationship with Patricia Pardopresenter of Ana Rosa's programin February of this year. However, now, it has been Almudena Cid's turn to find a new illusion. Apparently, Cid would maintain a courtship with Gerardo Berodiabut he would not have wanted to reveal it publicly yet for a sad reason that has just come to light.

  1. The real reason why Almudena Cid has not shown her new boyfriend in public
  2. Almudena Cid, witness that her ex-partner's relationship with Patricia Pardo is serious

The real reason why Almudena Cid has not shown her new boyfriend in public

There is no doubt that almudena cid He has lived through one of the worst years of his life. Not only the ex-gymnast had to deal with the terrible process of separating from her husband, but she also witnessed how she was excited again with another person shortly after her.

Also, in all these months, the Basque, as she herself revealed at the time, had no intention of meeting anyone in the romantic sense. However, although she did not expect it, love has come to the door.

Editing by Almudena Cid and Gerardo Berodia

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It was in the summer of that year when the magazine Week published exclusively that the presenter's ex-partner could have given himself a second chance at love with a former footballer from real Madrid, Gerardo Berodia. And, although at first they were just rumors, the truth is that the leaked images revealed that there could be more than just a friendship between them.

In addition, the same actress also spoke about it in her day and assured that they were simply friends. However, now, a source close to Almudena Cid's alleged new boyfriend has ended up confirming what was a public domain secret. "They have been together for months and it seems that the story is serious," she began by saying.

Of course, according to the friend of the former soccer player, the alleged lovers could not have confirmed their relationship publicly for a reason. «Gerardo did not want anyone to know anything about his history. He is afraid that his ex will take it badly and have repercussions in the relationship with his son, "he explained.

Almudena Cid with a headscarf.

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It should be remembered that Almudena Cid's new partner has also recently separated from the woman. So, for this reason, they would not have shown their love to the four winds, since they prefer that this situation calm down.

However, Almudena Cid already knows the closest environment of her new boy. Apparently, she has managed to get along with many of her acquaintances, who say that Ella Cid is "very sweet and polite."

Almudena Cid, witness that her ex-partner's relationship with Patricia Pardo is serious

While everything seems to indicate that the relationship ofalmudena cid Berodia is going from strength to strength, by Christian Gálvez, the truth is that he can also say the same about his courtship with the Galician. A few days ago, the magazine Soon He exclusively published some images where the presenter was seen to be most integrated into his girl's family, Patricia Pardo.

The man from Móstoles attended the birthday party of the journalist's eldest daughter and it was there that he met with her ex-husband, Fran Márquez. He also seemed most comfortable with him, since as soon as they arrived, the radio announcer greeted the soldier effusively.

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