Amposta helps implement more companies in the polygons

Amposta will favor the economic implementation of small and medium-sized companies in industrial estates with a modification of the POUM that regulates the activity carried out in these areas. The proposal related to the isolated industry was provisionally approved at the November Municipal Plenary, held yesterday.

The problem affects both polygons and arises after the purchase of 14 warehouses from the Políogon de Tosses by businessmen who want to revitalize the area. «Then we find that there cannot be carried out any kind of activity. We solved the situation and favored some expansion of existing activity that could not be precisely due to the urban typology of the polygons”, details the mayor of Amposta, Adam Tomàs.

On the other hand, the City Council has also approved a motion to request that higher administrations assume their powers, and thus improve local administration and improve financing. In addition, among others, an agreement was approved to provide solutions to energy precariousness.

Junior's square

In the Castell area, in front of the Music School of the Philharmonic Union, the council has acquired three buildings -one of them the premises where the Tic Tac Toc pub was located- to demolish and build a square. During the plenary session, it was approved to call this new urban space Plaza de los Juniors, in honor of the popular Ampostino musical ensemble.

"It is the relatives of Juniors who contact the city council and we promise to submit it to the Nomenclature Commission, which accepts it," explains Tomàs, adding that "in the end we got two opportunities. The first, being able to name a music group as important in our city and our territory as the Juniors, and the other, the fact that we will soon have a new public space.

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