Ana Rosa Quintana reveals who are the children of Paolo Vasile

Ana Rosa Quintana lives one of the most emotional years of his life. Everything after returning to work as a presenter ofAna Rosa's program after a year off television due to cancer.

These have been difficult times for the presenter of mediaset, but the truth is that the communicator has returned with all the desire. Now, she has learned a story about the last 20 years from her boss that has left her somewhat touched.

Let's remember that a few weeks ago, mediaset confirmed that Paolo Vasile would cease to be the CEO of the Italian communication group in our country.

This news shocked acquaintances and strangers. But, after an extensive stage in mediasetIt was time to make a change and that's how those in charge of the Italian company decided.

  1. Ana Rosa finally reveals who her boss's children are
  2. Paolo Vasile, a man who has made a big impression on the presenter
  3. "It was an act of love and that's what we all wanted to say last night"

Ana Rosa finally reveals who her boss's children are

Paolo will leave the group after 23 years at the helm. For this reason, Ana Rosa Quintana recalled this Wednesday his great supporter in Telecinco and has spoken a few words of affection towards him after spending a farewell night in the Cloister of the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Ana Rosa Quintana


There, a few hours ago, the top staff of mediaset with the house workers to say goodbye to Vasile. The fact is that he will officially leave office at the end of next December.

Without a doubt, it was a tribute full of emotion that caused the Italian to collapse at certain moments, and this was explained by Ana Rosa in her program.

«It was very exciting, he did not know anything. When he saw his children, he broke down and we all broke up with him, "explained the veteran journalist, overwhelmed with emotion.

Paolo Vasile, a man who has made a big impression on the presenter

While he was pronouncing these words, the program broadcast a video of those emotional moments, and they ended with a long hug between the communicator and Vasile. "Neither he nor those of us who were there will forget it," continued Ana Rosa.

Photo of Paolo Vasile and Ana Rosa Quintana embracing.

| Telecinco

The journalist from Telecinco He has not stayed here in his words in homage to the one who was his boss since he entered the Fuencarral chain. And it is that Paolo has been a key man in the achievements of Telecinco in the last two decades.

But everything ends. Alessandro Salem will be the new CEO of mediaset replacing Vasile from 2023. Salem will lead the Italian communication group together with Massimo Musolino and Borja Prado.

"It was an act of love and that's what we all wanted to say last night"

"He has been a great on television, but fundamentally all of us who work here recognize him as a person with a big heart," he maintained.

"He is a man who has taken great care of all of us." This was what he stated with all the sincerity in the world, delighted to have been part of the Italian's trusted circle.

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To end that emotional 'speech', Ana Rosa has seen fit to pay this tribute to the one who will still be her boss for a few more weeks.

He has done it by repeating the last sentence that his boss pronounced in the farewell speech: «I love you. It was an act of love and that is what we all wanted to tell him last night," concluded the presenter of TelecincoI'm sure you won't forget these words.

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