Antonio Rossi causes an impact by revealing his boyfriend's great secret

Antonio Rossi has left everyone speechless by confessing one of the biggest secrets of her boyfriend, the model and dancer Hugo Fuertes.

A few days ago, the popularity of this well-known journalist from the heart grew like foam. This Sunday, November 20, he made his debut as a presenter on Life in Pink, the new Telemadrid program. Antonio Rossi and the rest of the team will deal with the most relevant social issues for the people of Madrid every weekend.

«We will do a different program. We are focused on a Madrid public and Madrid will have a specific weight in the way of explaining the information", assured the communicator during his interview with The TV show. In addition, he made it very clear that he does not intend to leave his position as a collaborator with Ana Rosa. Although he will have to make an extra effort so as not to have to do without any of his work, the journalist is willing to do so much more because "my site is Ana Rosa's program».

Photomontage of Antonio Rossi and Hugo Fuertes

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In the workplace he is doing better than ever, but he cannot complain about his current sentimental situation either. In November 2021, Antonio Rossi made his relationship official through social networks. Since then, the presenter has not stopped publicly showing her love. Now, and during an interview for the magazine WeekHe has confessed one of Hugo Fuertes's biggest secrets.

Antonio Rossi reveals who his partner was with

Antonio Rossi has had no problem talking about one of the episodes that left a mark on both him and his partner forever.

After talking about his new project in the regional chain of Madrid, the journalist has taken the opportunity to confess at what point his sentimental relationship is: «I'm great. And I also show it, I have no problem. I am very well and I hope it continues like this and lasts... I hope it goes just as well for us, with the same intensity and with the same passion ».

At that time Antonio Rossi has shared a hitherto unknown anecdote. During one of his trips to New York, they were lucky enough to meet one of the most important figures in the world of fashion. “Something happened to us on our way back from New York. We freak out. I coincided on the plane with Carolina Herrera and her children », the communicator has related.

Antonio Rossi and Hugo Fuertes in an airport

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Because of that, she couldn't understand how the media focused on them and not on the fashion designer. "When we got down, there were photographers waiting for her and I thought they were for her. When they started taking photos of us, I freaked out. This is shit. I told them: "Hey, what does Carolina Herrera have here?"

The journalist is aware of the great role that "the people of TV" have taken in recent years and cannot prevent the press in our country from speaking from time to time. «When I upload a photo with him, I assume the possibility of it happening. I tell him: "You'll see..." If I upload something, I try to make it something that doesn't generate controversy, but I can't be forcing the person who is with me to control themselves either. I am more measured. If the person I'm with can't be free, we're going badly.

Despite the fact that he has always been very jealous of his privacy, Antonio Rossi considers that their relationship is safe, since his lifestyle is very "boring". «I wake up at 6:15 in the morning and I go to the gym. It is true that now I go out more than before because I have a partner ».

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