Belén Esteban reveals what Junco did when he saw the lifeless body of Bernardo Pantoja

bethlehem esteban he has shown that he always rises to the occasion, so his friends are very proud. Upon learning that Bernardo Pantoja, the father of her friend Anabel's, had died, she tried to take a train and appear in Seville. The problem is that a few months ago she suffered a fall and she cannot travel alone, so it took her 24 hours to arrive.

bethlehem esteban was at the funeral home and verified firsthand that everything they were counting in Save me it was a lie. It is not true that Junco, widow of the deceased, was upset with the Pantojas, quite the contrary. The Japanese was present at all the important moments and together with Anabel: in the same room and in the crematorium.

Photo by Bernardo Pantoja i Junco.


Bethlehem has entered fancy saturday to explain what was the first thing Junco did when she saw her husband's body. She shook hands with Isabel Pantoja, both were at the foot of the hand at that time and supported each other. The collaborator assures that there was no type of tension, that everything was much more normal than what has been explained on television.

Belén has been quite clear and has not been afraid of denying her own program, since she wants to explain the truth. «Today I have approached Junco and he seemed to me a wonderful woman, but those around him give information that is not true. When Bernardo dies, Junco is at the foot of the bed, hand in hand with Isabel, "explains Jesulín's ex.

Esteban assures that the first thing the dancer did was seek the comfort of the Pantojas, which shows that he fully trusts them. He says that it is not true that she was kicked out of the hospital and that they also gave him her place in the funeral home. Anabel has not separated and during the mass they have had several winks: both are broken.

  1. Belén Esteban has brought to light the harsh reality
  2. Belén Esteban shows his face: "He may have made many mistakes"

Belén Esteban has brought to light the harsh reality

Belén believes that everything comes from Junco's environment: she is good, but she has trusted the wrong people and they are betraying her. One of the worst, according to the collaborator's criteria, is Magdalena, Bernardo Pantoja's aunt. There are many who think that she only wants to attract attention and star in scandals in the social chronicle.

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Esteban is tired of hearing lies and has made it clear that Anabel's behavior has been impeccable. It is true that he did not have a very close relationship with his stepmother, but they enjoyed a cordial and polite treatment. For this reason, they have accompanied each other in these difficult moments: both adored Bernardo Pantoja.

“The fact that Junco was kicked out or not allowed into the room is a lie. Today both Anabel and Junco have gone into the crematorium room by themselves and have been there for three quarters of an hour. Anabel has given Junco a position: Anabel as a daughter and Junco as a widow," says the woman from Paracuellos in Save me.

Belén Esteban shows his face: "He may have made many mistakes"

Belén is tired of hearing what one another says, which is why she made an appearance at Bernardo Pantoja's wake. "Anabel may have made many mistakes, but as her daughter she has behaved in an exemplary manner and I think they have not been fair to her." She has also made it clear that reporters from Save me who have covered the news, according to their point of view, have done a good job.

"Both José Antonio León and Kike Calleja are two excellent reporters," he commented in a very correct tone. He does not want to have problems with them, but he does not agree that they dirty the memory of Bernardo Pantoja either. Jorge Javier Vazquez He has positioned himself alongside José Antonio, who maintains that Junco does not fit in with the family.

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