Belén Esteban sets off the alarms about her change in Antena 3

bethlehem esteban has left everyone with their mouths open by proclaiming itself a faithful follower of the competition. The collaborator of Save me has pronounced on the march of Ónega in antenna 3 and he has confessed that he really likes his new program.

The march of the presenter of it's already noon it didn't look good at all Telecinco and they accused her of being a traitor. Now, just when the journalist triumphs with her new program, Belén hits a hard blow and is happy for her for the success of her ex-partner.

  1. Belén admits her betrayal
  2. Belén Esteban is ashamed of her work

Belén admits her betrayal

bethlehem esteban He is aware that lately the chain is not going through its best moment. The audience crisis continues to be a fact and the collaborator feels that the end is getting closer. Above all, after learning that her main competitor is sweeping, which celebrates Jesulín's ex.

"It seems that people are delighted that we are all leaving, but it is not just us leaving, there is also a team behind," he said in an interview on Bluper about the current crisis mediaset. The crisis affects especially Save mewho lives the lowest hours accentuated for months with the premiere of And now Sonsoles.

As for the success of her partner, Belén has spoken without fear. She claims to be a follower of the programantenna 3although it coincides in the same time slot as the evening program of Telecinco. «I like Sonsoles. Although I work in Telecinco, I have my opinion. Me when Sonsoles went to the anthillprogram that I love, I sent him a message”, he ends up acknowledging.

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He only has good words about Ónega and claims to maintain "a very good relationship". "I love him very much, it hurts me that our programs go at the same time, but life is like that," she ends up reflecting.

In his interview, everything has been good words towards the main competitor of Telecinco. This draws a lot of attention considering the delicate situation of the audiovisual group. However, despite being on opposite sides, Belén not only admits to following Sonsoles, but also other programsAtresmedia.

Belén Esteban is ashamed of her work

These statements by Belén come days after she openly confessed her displeasure with Save me. After the coverage that the program made of the death of Bernardo Pantoja, the former Jesulín mercilessly criticized the space.

"I found it embarrassing and it is the first time in my life that I am ashamed of the program in which I work," he admitted live. A malaise that he has been dragging for a long time and that led him to consider abandoning years ago Save me.

onega sleeps


Belén hasn't contributed anything new to the program for a long time and its directors are beginning to get impatient. In addition, he does not have the same media success that he had before and this begins to take its toll on him. That is why it would not be unusual for the collaborator to consider changing the program. And now Sonsoles not as intense as Save me and here the mother ofandrea janeiro he would enjoy the peace of mind he so desires.

To this we must add the success of Ónega in the face of the absolute disaster of the evening space of Telecinco. It is true that the audiences remain almost equal, but Sonsoles has managed to greatly improve the ratings in its time slot.

However, when asking her directly if she would change the program and go to her friend's, Belén has been sincere. «I started with Save me And I'll be there until it's over," he explained. Of course, it is clear that, in the event that the program reached the end, she would continue on TV; "I won't leave it, I love it."

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