CaixaBank's notice about the new euro banknotes that will reach all of Catalonia

The tickets that we will use shortly will change. This has been confirmed by the largest bank in Catalonia, CaixaBank. Beyond the fact that card payments have increased since the pandemicmany people continue to use cash.

In fact, for some citizens cash is still the main payment method. In addition, although the use of card payment is recommended, it does not hurt to always carry some cash in your wallet. Therefore, contrary to what many people may think, the end of cash will not take place.

On the other hand, from the European Union They are developing new designs for the Euro coin. In this way, soon, the tickets will change again to adapt to the current needs of millions of Europeans.

  1. Cash is still a popular payment method
  2. Cash will undergo changes
  3. This will be the new money, according to CaixaBank
  4. Consider the new design
  5. CaixaBank explains how the new banknotes will be created

CaixaBank is very attentive to these new changes that will be made in the European Union. Likewise, from the bank, they recall the importance that cash continues to have: "We must remember that one of the latest studies on the payment habits of consumers in the euro area shows that cash continues to be the most popular means" .

As we will not say goodbye, at least soon, to cash, the European Union will launch new banknotes that will be released from 2024. And we already know everything.

Photo of a hand with 50 euro bills.

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Cash will undergo changes

The new euro banknotes will be valid from 2024. According to Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, this is the reason for the change: "The time has come to update the appearance of our banknotes so that Europeans of all ages and backgrounds can identify with them. From CaixaBank they have wanted to notify, in this sense, what will happen to these new banknotes through its electronic headquarters.

This will be the new money, according to CaixaBank

The bank indicates how the process of the new designs will be: «It will start with the creation of several discussion groups that, according to the different sensibilities of the citizens of the European UnionThey will release a list of proposals. Specifically, the suggestions for carrying out the styles will take into account the "epochs and styles" that represent Europe, says the entity.

In addition, these tickets will attend to areas such as nature, technology or social sciences. From CaixaBank they inform that the heart of the new euros will be "the sign of identity of a Europe open to the world".

Consider the new design

Another of CaixaBank's notices is related to the use that citizens will make of that cash. When the new banknotes enter into circulation, there will be changes in terms of operations with money.

However, it must be taken into account that this money will be just as valid as the old bills, the one we currently use. Therefore, receiving one of the new copies is not a scam, but something that will happen regularly until they are all on the market.

However, from CaixaBank they have wanted to influence the importance of knowing the design of the new banknotes. In this way, we can be up to date in case of receiving a bill that could be false.

CaixaBank explains how the new banknotes will be created

Nuria Oliver will be the representative who will redesign the new euro bills. Afterwards, a contest will be called to proceed with the design. Afterwards, a citizen consultation will be held again. As CaixaBank details: "The Governing Council of the European Central Bank will make the final decision for the implementation of the design and the final manufacture of the new banknotes."

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