Carlota Corredera reappears without her husband and confirms the worst omens

Carlota Corredera reappears without her husband at an important event organized by mediaset. It's a presenters dinner Telecinco on the occasion of Christmas. A whole tradition that has brought together the best-known faces of this communication giant.

The new setback of Carlota Corredera

This November 28, the facilities of Telecinco they dressed up to welcome the presenters of this chain. Have a good time and toast to past and future achievements. Toñi Moreno, Risto Mejide, Ión Aramendi, Jesús Vázquez, Christian Gálvez or Marta Flich were some of the guests.

However, one of the attendees was not as happy as she should be. We refer to Carlota Corredera. In March of that year, the presenter gave a surprise and announced her departure from Save me.

Carlota Corredera attends the Telecinco Christmas dinner


AfterofplusofHe gaveyearsofto dedicate-withAlabamaProgram,thepresentedNoVirginiadrinkthedecisionofLeave-abycenter-withinthetheirProjectspersonal messages.Of course, thenewsVirginiaprovoke agrandmother impact Come inthewithguidoresofSave me.

Charlotte Sliding had beenconvertedinafigureindispensableofFormatdurin front ofthelastyears. TheitsstyledirectYothehersrelationshipciówiththe public made her aofto thempresentseffortsaplus dear ofProgram.

Carlota Corredera's new professional commitment wasWho is my father?. The objective of this program was to publicize the stories of the illegitimate children of well-known men on the Spanish scene.

The presenter was tremendously excited about this 'exciting challenge'. "I only hope I live up to the incredible work that the team has done, which has done true audiovisual craftsmanship to recreate the story of the search for answers of these children of unrecognized famous people," she stated shortly before the premiere.

Carlota Corredera presentant Who is my father?

| Telecinco

And he also added: «I think this program was necessary, not only as an opportunity for viewers to hear the vital drama of these people, their mothers and their close environment, but because it will answer many questions that until now were without responding".

Ischanceit wasYimportantSaltprofessionalbyathejournalist.The reason is thatit is put,again, in front ofYProgramof 'majorweather'ofthestring. However, the joy was short-lived for the Galician.

As the weeks have passed, the format has been in decline in audience. So much so that Telecinco has chosen to completely eliminate it from the television grid. In this way, the brand new return of Carlota Corredera has been completely diluted.

Everything seems to indicate that his professional success can only be linked to Save me. Will Carlota Corredera consider returning after this failure?

Despite this mishap, Carlota Corredera did not want to miss the opportunity to meet with her colleagues. With a sober and elegant 'look' in black and white, she made her appearance before the media that was waiting for her outside the venue.

Christmas dinner of Telecinco It was marked by the presence of characters who, like Carlota Corredera, are still linked to the chain. Despite not having a project at the moment. However, what surprised the most was not that, but the absence of one of the main protagonists of Mediaset.

This is the case of Belén Esteban. The one from Paracuellos made it very clear that she would not attend this celebration as a way of protest. And it is that Belén does not like how the chain is managing the issue of the death of Bernardo Pantoja.

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