Carmen Sevilla's family, broken after confirming the worst news

carmen sevilla He's back in the media spotlight for a reason. On this occasion, his delicate state of health is not the reason, but quite another. And it is that, at the time the news broke that the artist suffered from a serious illness, the truth is that his name has constantly been on the lips of all the media.

It was in 2009 when the Sevillian was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, information that she did not confirm until 2012. For a while, the actress continued to lead a completely normal life until she began to suffer serious problems due to this degenerative disease.

For this reason, just a few years later, specifically in 2015, she had to be admitted to a residence in Aravaca (Madrid), where she still lives today, since her state of health worsened considerably.

Likewise, since she was hospitalized, Carmen Sevilla has received endless visits from her closest friends. Of course, who has not appeared at the health center is still Norma Duval, who has always claimed to have a very special relationship with the singer. Now the sad reason why the presenter has not gone to see the actress has been discovered.

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  1. From friends to strangers: Carmen Sevilla's current relationship with Norma Duval
  2. Norma Duval's call to visit Carmen Sevilla

From friends to strangers: Carmen Sevilla's current relationship with Norma Duval

It is well known that the relationship between carmen sevilla Yo norma duval it has always been very close. And it is that both, before the singer began to suffer the consequences of her illness, had lunch together at least once a week.

Of course, the Catalan considered her as a mother and the son of Carmen Sevilla, Augusto Alguero, like a brother. However, as soon as the serious health problems of the presenter of telecouponthe collaborator could not manage to say goodbye or even go visit her on occasion.

The reason? That Carmen Sevilla's own son would have prohibited the actress from visiting her mother. Undoubtedly, a drastic determination that Algueró would have taken for a gesture that Duval made and that he would not have liked at all.

As the Catalan explained a few days ago, Agripina, the woman who took care of Carmen Sevilla, could have been the trigger for the bad relationship with the artist's son. And it is that as she confessed, the relationship between the ex-wife of José Frade and Agripina was so good that even the latter decided to stop working for Carmen Sevilla to start collaborating with Duval.

At the time of the death of the woman in question, the presenter made the decision that Agrippina's ashes rest with that of her parents, in her home.

A determination that the son of Carmen Sevilla would not have liked at all, since he would not have been consulted. After that, Algueró broke all ties with the Catalan. That is why the composer does not want Duval to have contact with his mother, which has caused the relationship between them to be null.

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Norma Duval's call to visit Carmen Sevilla

On the other hand, the friend of carmen sevilla He has also taken the opportunity to publicly ask the artist's son to allow him to visit her at the residence where she is admitted.

«In 2015 I asked Augusto to let me see his mother because I want to say goodbye. And I have no answer », he began by saying with a voice completely broken by emotion.

«From here I appeal to you to let me say goodbye to Carmen Sevilla. I want to see her and hug her. I do not want to say goodbye in front of a coffin, “he closed about it.

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