Dabiz Muñoz confirms the public domain secret about Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche She has always been very proud of the achievements that her husband is achieving in the world of cooking. The collaborator of Zapping He has not missed one of the galas in which Dabiz Muñoz has been awarded for his work.

The latest award has been a Michelin Star that the chef has achieved thanks to his new restaurant RavioXO, opened just six months ago. An award in which Pedroche has played a fundamental role, which was revealed by her husband to the media.

  1. Cristina Pedroche essential in the success of her husband
  2. Cristina Pedroche and her involvement in the success

Cristina Pedroche essential in the success of her husband

Cristina Pedroche He was not missing at the 2022 Michelin Star Awards gala where Dabiz was up for an award. However, despite trusting her one hundred percent in her husband, the surprise was great when the chef rose with recognition: an award that he took to the new restaurant.

So, the chef was interviewed by the media, who wanted to know first-hand how he felt. Proud of his work, Muñoz reflected and spoke some beautiful words addressed to Cristina: "This star is for my entire team and I would tell you that, apart from my team, this star is more Cristina's than mine." Although Dabiz has been behind the stove for years, Pedroche's support has been essential to undertake new projects.

The pandemic It caused serious damage in the restaurant sector and the chef even had to close a store. Fortunately, he always had the support of his wife, who has given him the necessary encouragement to get ahead and explore new challenges.

In fact, the collaborator has been so actively involved in her husband's business that he now openly acknowledges it: «The impact she has had for many years within the XO world is enormous and it is true that she must have led many things. She has been one of the fundamental pillars of the project », she explained while she gave Cristina Pedroche the place it deserves after the victory.

Certainly, both make a perfect tandem and have achieved a balance and an understanding in the relationship that goes beyond love. Both are a couple, but also partners in a culinary project that is beginning to achieve great successes.

Cristina Pedroche and her involvement in the success

Just take a look at the social networks of Cristina Pedroche to see how he plays this essential role in Dabiz's life. There are many publications where he praises the chef's culinary skills and advertises his restaurants.

She accompanies him on his travels around the world to find new flavors to reinvent cooking and, in this way, position himself at the gastronomic forefront. Pedroche is Muñoz's right-hand man and this is how he recognized him in front of his followers.

«Pedroche's first Michelin star. His impact, his leadership and his work around the XO projects, and especially in RavioXO, has been wonderful and decisive, how lucky we are », he commented in one of his posts. Some words that he also confirmed on stage after receiving the long-awaited Michelin Star. "Thanks to my Pedroche, thank you for your talent, for your intelligence, for your creativity and your immense generosity, you are the best," she told the attendees.

Cristina Pedroche She was moved by Muñoz's beautiful statement and was fully involved in the team. Seeing her husband be the Best Chef in the World twice in a row and getting the Michelin Star fills her with pride. Some victories in which she feels part of and in which he has been fundamental.

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