David Flores Carrasco only lives with Olga Moreno three weeks a month

David Flores Carrasco, son of Rocio Carrasco Yo Anthony David FloresYou are in the middle of a difficult situation. In addition to being away from his mother for many years, he is now facing the breakup of his father with Olga Moreno. The young man usually lived with her and Antonio David in the conjugal home in Seville, but now he has to change houses once a month.

A The Ana Rosa Program, after a year without stepping on a television set, Moreno has revealed the events that have occurred since the separation. "I'm fine, calm and happy," said Olga, who seemed nervous. She has begun by explaining her relationship with her representative, Agustín Etienne: "I hope it lasts for life."

A lot has happened since Olga won the title of survivors 2021: his separation from Antonio David, his relationship with Rocío Flores and his new love. «It took me a lot to get over the break. Being public has been doubly hard and I thought I would not come out, but here I am, happy, "she explains.

  1. David Flores affected by the separation
  2. David Flores is very close to Olga
  3. Distancing between Olga and Rocío Flores

David Flores affected by the separation

Regarding her relationship with the father of her daughter Lola, Olga explained: «My relationship with Antonio David is cordial… The truth is that we don't see each other, because we have the girl for a week each. We have joint custody and the week that I have Lola I also have David, because the two of them are always together.

It follows, then, that David, Rociíto's son, spends half a month with Olga and her little sister and the other half with his father. "The worst thing about the break was telling our daughter... I have been very much in love with my husband until the day the magazine was published," he confessed.

The newspaper The reason He published a few weeks ago that Antonio David's son wants to stay with Olga. Although the young man also loves her father, the family nucleus is aware of the deep weakness that he feels for her. For David Flores, she is the female reference that has been missing for years and also the person who has been by her side. They love each other and she has always tried to protect David from what could do him harm. In this case, affection is above blood ties.

David Flores is very close to Olga

David is completely integrated into Olga's family, he is one more. David Flores enjoys going to Seville to meet with the family of his father's ex-wife and participates in the celebrations.

Although Olga Moreno and Antonio David broke the whole family, they spent New Year's Eve together. «We have been lucky enough to have dinner together, with my father and Olga. My uncles, my grandmother, my father, Olga and my brothers were able to come," he explained. Rocio Flores a Ana Rosa's program. A different circumstance than what is expected for this New Year, since both Antonio David and Olga have a new partner.

Distancing between Olga and Rocío Flores

The current relationship between Olga Moreno and Rocio Flores is at a tipping point. «Rocío found out about my relationship two weeks before I gave the exclusive explaining it. I thought it convenient for her to know and I want to make it clear that she has not found out from the press, "says Olga.

As a result of this situation, Rocío, according to her environment, feels "betrayed". She stopped following her father's ex-wife on social networks, but shortly after she rectified. When the reporters ask her, Rocío is blunt: "I want you to stop asking me about this topic, I have absolutely nothing to do with it."

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