explain why you can't have more children

Amador Mohedano knows better than anyone how the gossip works because he has been part of historical projects. He is the brother of Rocío Jurado, an artist who has collaborated with the best social chronicle programs. The difference is that she did it for free and her family does not stop making money selling private goods.

Amador Mohedano has sat several times in the Deluxe and has thus created a war with his ex-wife that has not yet been resolved. rose benedict He stands up for him when necessary, but he always keeps his distance and doesn't want to forgive him. As they explain, Mohedano kept part of the money he earned in survivors 2012 and generated significant debts.

Amador, following the information provided by lydia lozanoHe did not get along with the mother of his children and she will never forgive him. In the portal nonsense They have gone one step further: they assure that Rosa wanted to have more offspring, but she had to change her plans. Her ex-husband was not at the stop and she had to separate from her, which is why she did not take the final step.

According to nonsenseAmador has not been able to have more children because he separated from rose benedict at an inappropriate time. Supposedly, they wanted to expand the family, they had settled their debts and had no worries. However, in Save me a legion of presumed lovers began to parade who dynamited the marriage.

Mohedano had problems with his family, even his daughter Chayo accused him of not having managed his career well. So he was a representative and that criticism sank him because he ran out of clients. That is why he changed his profession: he became an entrepreneur and set up several nightclubs in Chipiona, although none have worked.

  1. Amador Mohedano accused of cheating on his ex
  2. Amador Mohedano has made a promise

Amador Mohedano accused of cheating on his ex

Amador has always shown his face, he has never hidden because he knows that the important thing is to clear up the rumors. Rocío Jurado taught him to be kind to the press, which is why he always attends to all reporters, including those from Save me. However, it is not enough: the public wants more information because there are too many unanswered questions.

Mohedano has been accused of taking advantage of his wife's media fame, even Rosa herself fueled the rumors. Supposedly, she hid her contract survivors 2012 so that he would not see him, this explains Kiko Hernandez. The collaborator assured that her ex kept her accounts and that from one moment to another she discovered that there were errors.

Rociíto's uncle wants to be discreet, but he cannot hide the fact that his life is full of unresolved mysteries. He has not had any more offspring, although it is true that he has a fabulous relationship with all the little ones, especially with Chayo because they have worked together, although the singer did not agree with the management.

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Amador Mohedano has made a promise

Amador knew that Save meIt is hostile territory because all the collaborators defend Rociíto, but he has made a promise. He assures that when Carrasco disappears and has told the whole story, it will be his turn and he will give an interview. He pretends to deny his niece and boasts of having evidence and documents that will leave no doubt.

Meanwhile, Mohedano has dedicated himself to talking to various 'youtubers' and has acknowledged that he feels "hate" for Fidel Albiac. He considers that he is responsible for everything that has happened and does not forgive him for swearing with the job. He says that he planned a plot to get the address of the last gala that The biggest sold to TVE.

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