Fernando Simón reappears and warns about what is happening: several factors

He became the visible face every day of the Ministry of Healthand the Government itself, in the fight against coronavirus during the first months of pandemic. Fernando Simonthis time, he has reappeared to warn us about what is happening now.

A few days ago we commented on something alarming: serious cases of bronchiolitis have increased remarkably in recent weeks among the youngest children.

  1. The increase in bronchiolitis is worrying
  2. What has Fernando Simón said about the increase in cases of bronchiolitis?
  3. What factors have influenced the current increase in cases of bronchiolitis?
  4. Above all, calm down

The increase in bronchiolitis is worrying

Bronchiolitis is an acute inflammation of the small bronchi and surrounding lung tissue caused by a virus. In terms of location, bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the last and smallest branches of the respiratory tract, the airways. Since viral infection occurs not only in the respiratory tract, but also in lung tissue, the disease picture includes features of viral pneumonia in patients.

We know that the causeThe main cause of bronchiolitis is the virus syncytic respiratory infection (RSV), which annually causes epidemics during the winter months. However, this year progress has been made in July, August and September. In fact, in recent weeks cases -and hospitalizations- have increased significantly among the smallest. That is why the Pediatric service in some hospitals is going through difficult times.

What has Fernando Simón said about the increase in cases of bronchiolitis?

Recently, Fernando SimonDirector of the Alert Coordination Center and emergencies Sanitarias, indicated that the upturn in hospital admissions with bronchiolitis of the smallest could have a clear origin.

This origin seems to be related to the decreased exposure of children, especially the youngest, to respiratory viruses throughout the current pandemic of coronavirus. More specifically, due to the protection measures adopted.

Photo of a sleeping newborn baby.

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According to Simón, "children have seen their exposure drastically reduced" both to RSV and to other pathogens due to social distancing and the use of masks. However, although these measures have now disappeared, there could be an increase in cases due to these factors, a higher number than expected. Of course, there would still be no data indicating that this increase is above it.

What factors have influenced the current increase in cases of bronchiolitis?

In the spring, British health authorities considered cases of acute childhood hepatitis to be related to adenovirus infections, "but this association was never demonstrated."

Although cases of bronchiolitis have always been recorded, this time the cases have been brought forward at the time when they usually occur.The situation is even worse: despite the large increase in cases, the peak of cases, which usually occurs in December, would not have been reached.

In addition, cases of grip seasonal and of grip A (who have gone ahead), with the same coronaviruswhich is why experts have called it 'tripledemia'.

Above all, calm down

Bronchiolitis begins with upper respiratory tract symptoms. Nasal congestion makes breathing difficult, especially in children under three months. Although it does not cause problems in older children, in infants younger than 6 months RSV infection can cause severe symptoms.

Therefore, it is vitally important to be especially attentive to the symptoms that the baby may have. We must go to the doctor if we notice that it is difficult for him to breathe, if he wheezes or does not wet his diaper as he should.However, as indicated by the health authorities and pediatricians, it is key to remain calm and not go to the pediatric emergency room if it is not strictly necessary.

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