He dies suddenly, and in the middle of a restaurant, Rodrigo Rato's sister

Tragic news that has been known this morning. María de los Ángeles Rato, the sister of the politician and banker Rodrigo Rato, has lost her life at the age of 80, due to an unfortunate accident.

Apparently, Mani, as she was known by her loved ones, was in a central Madrid restaurant when something happened to her that ended her life. Specifically, there is talk of a choking with a fatal end.

As various media have mentioned, the woman was in the restaurant when she began to choke. No one could help her and the emergency services could not do anything for her life either.

The woman died in the restaurant, leaving the family completely broken after such a sudden death. At the time she was eating with two other women, in a meeting that has not been specified if she was among friends.

Rodrigo Rato

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Mani, a life dedicated to antiques

María de los Ángeles was the second of the three Rato brothers, standing out as an antiquarian in her professional facet.

But in his private facet, his marriage with Emilio García Botín stands out. She later separated and remarried José María de Rosa Alemany, with whom she had two children. The truth is that little was known about her private life, since she was never in the foreground, as was the case with her father and her brother, for example.

The daughter of prominent members of the Asturian bourgeoisie, Rodrigo Rato's sister quickly fell in love with art and antiques. She turned her father's passions into her profession.

Rodrigo Rato

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However, his figure was better known for all the controversies that have been related to the family. And it is that since she married Emilio Botín, she Mani has seen how scandals lurked closely.

Without going any further, at the wedding with him he had to endure how his father and older brother were detained, in a spectacular police operation in the halls of the old Castellana Hilton Hotel, today the Intercontinental Hotel.

But nevertheless, Mani was always considered an institution within the world of antiquities. In fact, Rodrigo Rato's sister had a gallery that quickly became a national benchmark for Asian art.

He was also a founding member of Vacation seasonthe fair of art, antiques and collecting in Spain.

It is, therefore, not only a great loss to friends and family, but also to the world of antiquities. Mani was a great figure in the sector, who will now mourn the great loss of him.

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