Iker Casillas, saddened by the decision that his eldest son has just made

Iker Casillas It was all a reference to real Madrid. He became a legend after spending more than 15 years in the club's first team: he won the Champions League, Leagues and many more weight titles with the white team.

After leaving the club, in the summer of 2015, he went with his family to Porto to another lower level league. He did it like this until in 2019 he had to quit soccer due to that heart attack he suffered while training with his team. After these health problems that he overcame in the best way, Casillas returned to the white club to work as deputy director of the Fundació real Madrid.

The truth is that he has not done badly during his time in office. Now, we have learned that his son Martín, the older of the two, wants to inherit the sporting imprint that Iker left, how could it be otherwise.

  1. Iker Casillas is sad after his eldest son's decision
  2. Martín Casillas does not take the last name of Iker to the field

Iker Casillas is sad after his eldest son's decision

The truth is that last summer Martín Casillas Carbonero arrived at the real Madrid to play for Benjamín B of the white club after spending the last year in Pozuelo. However, the fact that you have missed the most about this football start of Casillas' eldest son is that the child plays with his maternal surname. He thus tries to go unnoticed at the white club facilities and in the games he plays with his team.

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It must be said that the little footballer made it big in Pozuelo and the coaches real Madrid they fixed. They wanted to have little Martín for the youngest team of the club that he brought so much joy to his father. So much Sarah Carbonero com Iker Casillas They have gone to their child's training sessions and matches several times since the 2022-2023 academic year began.

Martín Casillas does not take the last name of Iker to the field

It is evident that the boy has ways and, without a doubt, following in his father's footsteps would be a great illusion for him. Iker Casillas. Of course, he has been somewhat sad after learning that the child will not carry his last name on the goalkeeper shirt.

Madrid wanted to protect the son of a player who has been a saint and sign of the white team. Of course, when you start to stand out, go through stages and grow as a soccer goalkeeper, it will be very difficult to hide that good old Martín is the son ofIker Casillas.

The child wants to follow that path that his father also started from a young age. Since he was nine years old, he was in the discipline of the lower categories of the real Madrid: The ex of Carbonero was a member of the white club for 25 years. Now, his son wants to repeat the story ofIker Casillas, although it will not be easy, because the whole world will be pending in the coming years. For the moment, he wants to go unnoticed and we'll see how long that anonymity lasts on the football fields of the Community of Madrid.

On the other hand, Casillas continues working as a commentator at the World Cup in Qatar for TVE and he is always attentive to the health of his ex-wife. She has been hospitalized since Monday, November 21, after undergoing emergency surgery after passing a routine check-up. Casillas follows the information on her condition and how the children are, who have been left in the care of Irene, the sister of the sports journalist.

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