Irene Rosales confirms the divorce she feared from Kiko Rivera: "She is with another"

Irene Rosales She is very worried about her husband, Kiko Rivera, since he suffered a stroke. For this reason, she tries to give him as little bad news as possible, although some of it cannot be hidden, such as the death of her uncle Bernardo. And it has also been impossible to hide from her that the mother of her eldest son, Jessica Bueno, has separated from her husband, Jota Peleteiro.

Apparently, the couple has broken up after nine years of relationship and two children together. And all because there is a third person between them.

  1. Irene Rosales discovers the divorce
  2. Irene Rosales knows more about the "love triangle"

Irene Rosales discovers the divorce

Isabel Pantoja's daughter-in-law was this weekend when she discovered that her husband's ex had separated. And it is that in the program party It has been revealed by Amor Romeira. She has explained that the marriage has broken up for months, as she has been able to confirm.

Specifically, the words have been these: «The information I have comes to me from the environment of Jota's new life. I spoke to Jessica's circle and was able to confirm that everything they had told me was true. He is already living with a new partner."

At this point, Irene has seen the collaborator recount everything that happened: «The former soccer player this summer knew a girl, who is from Ibiza. Girl who has left the island to go live with him in Bilbao. What's more, she works for a company of his, specifically in the representation of soccer players.

«Jessica's environment tells me that she is depressed and that she does not know what to do, whether to go down to live in Seville again or stay in Bilbao. The people who coincide with her at school say they are head down, with their eyes lost.

In the same way, he wanted to give more information about the new partner of the ex-soccer player. He has affirmed: «She uploads a 'story' boasting of the love story with Jota and I was perplexed because nobody knew that he was not with his wife. And when I investigated, I realized that among the girl's followers there were friends of Bueno'.

Photo by Jessica Bueno and Kiko Rivera


Irene Rosales knows more about the "love triangle"

Kiko Rivera's wife has heard perplexed more details that have been given about everything that happened around this separation. Thus, she heard Amor explain that the soccer player's new partner is called Miriam. And she has explained that until recently she had a public profile on the networks and that she has not hesitated to show her love story.

Likewise, he has confessed that "all this has happened only in a few months."

For now, this is all the information that has been given about the break, which has taken everyone by surprise. Yes, because during the month of September Jessica was still sharing photos with her husband on Instagram. If she decides to return to Seville, she will give Irene's husband great joy, since she would have her eldest son much closer to her.

jessica bueno


But we will have to wait to see the steps taken by the model and the former athlete. Of course, the last publication says a lot. It is a photograph of herself that accompanies the lyrics of the song With youfrom Sabina: «And die with you if you kill me».

And kill me with you if you die. Because love when it doesn't die kills, because loves that kill never die.

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