Jorge Pérez cannot hide his true intentions: "Hele bad"

Jorge Perez continues to hog the media interest after being caught kissing with Alba Carrillo. The news jumped last Saturday to party and the model ended up acknowledging having failed his wife. The commotion was maximum and its protagonists remain on the tightrope while they are being questioned on television sets.

However, a theory has come to light that fully affects the former civil guard and, especially, his wife. Apparently the whole scandal could have been organized to attract attention and make Alicia gain prominence in the face of new professional projects.

  1. The veritable plan of Jorge Pérez
  2. Jorge Pérez's donut is photographed

The veritable plan of Jorge Pérez

Jorge Pérez has always been characterized as a low-profile collaborator. His victory in survivors 2020 He launched it on television, but he has always tried to stay out of controversy. For this reason, many are surprised by what has happened with Alba at a party full of people and with cameras recording.

Jorge Pérez during the promotion of the television program 'Survivientes' in Madrid


Who really knows the model, claims to be devastated and that the only thing that matters is to win back his wife. Alicia, for her part, continues to be confined in her house, speaking only on the networks where her followers have increased considerably.

A notoriety and exposure that could hide the reality of the scandal. According to Miguel Frigenti, there are things that do not add up and "the matter smells bad." Through a Twitter message in which the collaborator has analyzed the facts, Frigenti makes his opinion clear.

"The staging is obvious: it doesn't make any sense (no matter how happy you are) that you do certain things at a party," he begins by saying. Miguel categorically affirms that no one can swallow what has happened, except that "what you want is for your wife to come to the fore."

"No one knew who Jorge Pérez's wife was and now she is delighted calling her followers to some statements on Instagram," he adds. "I have a bad smell for miles," she says. For the commentator it is clear that Alba has only been "the instrument" to place the marriage "in the front line."

Jorge Pérez's donut is photographed

Jorge Pérez continues to flog himself for what happened at the party organized by the producer of his program. In front of everyone he shows repentance while he proclaims his love for Alicia from whom he only wants forgiveness.

Photo of Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña at the baptism of their fourth child.

| Instagram: @jorgeperezdiez

The media went to the couple's home to try to obtain the first images and statements from Jorge's wife. For the moment, she has chosen to lock herself up at home and only speak on the account ofinstagram.

Something that has caught the attention of Frigenti, who says that Alicia is delighted to be the focus of attention. «All day that she uploads stories to hers instagramIf you are not enjoying the notoriety that this story brings you, it shows the opposite, “he publishes.

"Say thank you as if I were a movie star or a fashion influencer," concludes the collaborator of Save me . However, he is not the only one who thinks that Jordi's wife wants to attract attention.

with the casting of survivors 2023 open, there are those who suggest that the marriage could have orchestrated everything to gain fame. In this case, so that everyone notices Alicia as a possible candidate to jump out of the helicopter.

Some rumors that were also echoed in Save me going against those who branded what happened as a montage. What is clear is that very difficult times are coming for the couple, who are struggling to overcome this upheaval in their relationship.

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