Letícia and Felip assume that their daughter Leonor has fallen in love in Catalonia

Leticia He has always taken great care of the details that leak out of his daughters' lives. However, she could not avoid that now that she is about to turn 18, speculation about the young woman's love life begins.

In fact, just a few months ago we met her first boyfriend. A "tall, skinny, long-haired, boarding-school-mate" boy.

In addition, he was encouraged to introduce this young man to his dearest relatives, and he was even present at the birthday of Leonor's grandmother, Paloma Rocasolano.

Eleanor's first plan


Dressed in a sweatshirt printed with the logo of the UWC Atlantic CollegeHe quickly became the focus of attention.

However, little else was known about him, except that he has dual nationality, Brazilian and American, and that he was in a higher course than Leticia's daughter.

What's more, that relationship seemed so consolidated that the boy in question even spent the summer with the royal family.

"They say that this summer Leonor's 'boyfriend' has been added to them," he confirmed. Pillar Eyre. "A great friend has left his ship for you to get lost in the Aeolian Islands, leaving from the port of Lipari...", he said.

Image of the Royal Family leaving the theater.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Letizia's worst fears were coming true. And it is that with the arrival of the new course, it seems that the youthful love of Leonor has not resisted the distance that has been imposed between them.

Let's remember that during this course, the princess's boyfriend is no longer present in theatlantic collegewhere he spends most of the year.

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  1. Leticia is already aware of this
  2. Leonor and the 'feeling' with Gavi

Leticia is already aware of this

In fact, the young man would have even started his university studies in the USA, which would have led the couple to break up sooner than expected. However, according to speculation, it is not the first love that Leticia's daughter has had during these years.

Some time ago, a certain medium insinuated that when she was only 15 years old, the princess had a first boyfriend that she met when she was in her fourth year of ESO at school. Santa Maria de los Rosales.

Image of Leonor and Leticia waving in the street

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It was a relationship that both Letizia and Felipe would have cried to heaven about, since their daughter was too young to waste time with this nonsense.

What's more, they demanded that she focus on her studies and immediately leave this boy she was breaking up with before leaving for Wales.

In this way, Leonor is single again and this Christmas she will have to settle for the company of her sister Sofía when eating the grapes.

Leonor and the 'feeling' with Gavi

Of course, according to what they say, he already has a new boy in his sights. And it is that the princess would have noticed a player from the barca, gavi. Apparently, Princess Leonor has a predilection for the young footballer of the barcawho is now playing the World Cup in Qatar with the Spanish team.

pablo gavi


The footballer, who is focused on the World Cup in Qatar, even took the opportunity to give a signed shirt to the king's daughter.

"It is the size of Leonor," Felipe would have commented surprised. Therefore, Letizia's daughter would be looking forward to being able to coincide with her and would wait for the exact moment for the spark of her love to emerge.

Meanwhile, Elionor must limit herself "to lining her folder with her photos", as they insinuated from the program socialite. «In the Institute of Wales there is a folder lined with Gavi's photos. There are indications that there is a romance, but we do not know if it is platonic, "they insisted.

«The size of Gavi's shirt is not for King Felipe. He is the most handsome player in the National Team », they dropped.

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