Luis Enrique remembers his daughter, Xana, who died: the most special day

Luis Enrique is in the news in recent days for the World Cup in Qatar. However, precisely because of his current prominence with soccer, he is also becoming news for things in his most private life. In fact, the loss of his daughter Xana a few years ago, who was fighting an illness, is still in the news.

Xana died in 2019, when she was only 9 years old, and yesterday her father wanted to have a beautiful gesture towards her. Fact that shows how much he misses her.

It is true that yesterday the news was different, since Spain played its second game of the World Cup. Luis Enrique prepared his team for a key match against Germany, which ultimately ended in a 1-1 draw. This result left Spain almost with the ticket purchased for the round of 16, so it can be considered a good result.

  1. Luis Enrique remembers his daughter who died three years ago
  2. A day of many emotions for Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique remembers his daughter who died three years ago

Some unexpected words from Luis Enrique at the press conference made it clear that his heart was divided that day. He explained that it was a very special day for him, but not precisely because of football: his daughter Xana would have turned 13 yesterday. It's been three years since she left and Luis Enrique wanted to make it clear that, whatever time passes, he has his daughter just as present every day.

After the match against Germany, the coach appeared at a press conference to talk about what happened on the field, but also about that day that was so significant for him and his family. “It has been a special day for me and my family. It has been for a long time. It is evident that we do not have our daughter, but we try to live it naturally, remembering her, laughing, thinking how she would act in many of the things that happen to us every day, "Luis Enrique said after the game, aware of the void he left when he left.

In addition, the coach also took the opportunity to give a life lesson: "That's how life works, it's not just beautiful things, but it also consists of managing these moments."

A day of many emotions for Luis Enrique

Therefore, this Sunday was a special day for Luis Enrique, in every way. As if being in Qatar playing the World Cup with the national team wasn't enough, the memory of his daughter Xana was also more present than ever.

The former coach of barca He started the day with a bike ride, one of his favorite sports. Along with his physical trainer, Luis Enrique took a walk, but at the same time he picked up his cell phone to record a video with a message in memory of Xana.

"Today is a special day. Not just because we're playing against Germany, but because my daughter Xana would have turned 13. Love, wherever you are, have a nice day, lots of kisses. We love you! Goodbye, "said Luis Enrique.

Without a doubt, a whole day full of emotions with emotional memories for his daughter, who died of bone cancer when she was only 9 years old. Therefore, the family was destroyed. Now, three years later, his father can make history by leading Spain to win the World Cup, but he always shows that he has his daughter in mind.

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