Manuel Díaz, in light of how he wants to get rich after leaving the bulls

Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés' has revealed his plans for the future. Yes, because he has just come to light how he plans to continue maintaining his lifestyle after leaving the world of bullfighting.

This Tuesday, November 22, the bullfighter turned to social networks to announce an important decision that he had made in relation to his professional career.

Photo by Manuel Diaz

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After 30 years dedicated body and soul to bullfighting, Manuel Díaz came to the conclusion that his stage as a bullfighter had come to an end. Through a video that he published on his accountinstagramHe explained the reasons that led him to make this important decision.

«The next 2023 is a special year for me. I am celebrating 30 years of 'Alternativa' and it will be my last season as an active bullfighter", wrote Manuel Díaz in the description of the 'post'.

And although he assures that he faces this new stage "with great enthusiasm", he could not help but become nostalgic when remembering all the good moments that his profession has given him. "It will be closing a cycle of my life that has given me everything, that has made me who I am," he continued.

"I'm not sad. I am happy because in the balance of my life there are many positive things. It is closing a cycle and closing a stage that has made me very happy and that has given me everything”, can be heard in the video that accompanies the text.

In addition, he has assured that his dream is to say goodbye in front of a bull, because «the bull has given me everything. He has given me a quality of life, an illusion and he has made me the person I am today ».

Image of Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés' fighting in a bullring

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So, as the finishing touch to his long professional career, he has scheduled a year full of shows to be held on "the emblematic wheels that have made me get to where I am now."

Manuel Díaz did not want to end his statement without first thanking all his loved ones for the support they have given him during these 30 years. "Much thanks to my people, my family, the bullfighting family, colleagues, ranchers, businessmen, proxies and silver bullfighters, who have always been by my side," he thanked all his people.

Now, plan B has come to light with which the bullfighter plans to maintain his heritage when he retires next year.

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Manuel Díaz already has his future planned

Manuel Díaz will turn 55 on June 30, 2023, the average age at which a bullfighter retires. For this reason, and after dealing with more than 1,000 oxen and getting scared, he has decided to end his professional career.

But, far from sitting idly by, Alba Díaz's father has decided to invest part of his net worth in a new and prosperous business. And, to continue maintaining his lifestyle, Manuel has chosen to bet on renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Manuel the Cordovan and Virginia Troconis


Like any good businessman, the bullfighter has not only focused on moving his money, but has also been trained with courses, seminars and conferences that he has been attending for two years.

This decision has been a great breather for Virginia Troconis. Yes, since a few days ago, desk He had the opportunity to speak with the wife of 'El Cordobés' and he confessed that this decision will mean an improvement within the family nucleus.

"Now seeing that our children are growing and evolving in life makes us calmer, more serene, it is now when Manuel and I can dedicate more time to ourselves as a couple," he concluded.

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