Marc Bartra, the former Barça player, confirms his relationship by mistake with a famous Catalan

Two of the most famous people on the Catalan scene have confirmed, by mistake, that they are a couple or, at least, that they are starting a relationship. There was some speculation about the possible relationship between the two Catalans for some time, but these rumors were never confirmed, since there was no 'proof' that could demonstrate this relationship.

Now, however, things have changed. And it is that an oversight of the ex Barcelona player would show what could be the couple of the moment. The events occurred last week when, presumably by mistake, Bartra published several images with this famous Catalan.

In fact, when the soccer player realized the mistake, he quickly deleted the photos. They only needed eight seconds for the most attentive to capture these publications and the relationship was demonstrated. And he may be wondering... Who is the Catalan's new girlfriend? Well, none other than the Catalan Jessica Goicoechea.

Jessica Goicoechea, Marc Bartra's new girlfriend.

| Twitter

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A mistake?

Apparently, a mistake by Bartra would have catapulted that relationship in everyone's eyes. And it is that in the images, it can be seen in the Barcelona model and influencer and in the footballer in a very tender attitude. Therefore, these images are the perfect proof that demonstrates this new love.

Nowadays if you mistakenly post something on social networks, it is very difficult for anyone to notice. Even more so when the protagonists are two internationally known people. It only took eight seconds for someone to capture these images and they began to circulate like wildfire through all the networks and media.

Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea giving each other a kiss.

| Telecinco

Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea.

| Telecinco

If until now the couple did not want to give explanations about this relationship, it seems that, as a result of these events, sooner or later, they will have to say something. Although they are not obliged to give any explanation, the truth is that when they are seen publicly, the press will ask them about this issue.

In this way, we will have to wait to see how everything evolves and if we can finally see a public appearance of the couple with the relationship already made official.

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