María Teresa Campos, devastated after losing her third daughter

Maria Teresa Campos He is enjoying a well-deserved retirement at his Madrid home, a place that has served as a refuge for him. There are more and more rumors that affect her family and she has decided that the best thing to do is to distance herself from everything. Carmen Borrego has visited Kiko Hernández at the theater and has given a very significant interview.

María Teresa Campos has discovered that there is a traitor in her family: Belén Rodríguez, who she considered another daughter. Ro has always presumed to be one more Campos, but the reality is quite the opposite. She supposedly has spoken very badly and has made a profit from this close friendship.

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María Teresa has discovered that Belén called the press to bring to light a meeting that was quite striking. Kiko Hernández met with Alejandra Rubio, with whom she has a disastrous relationship, at Campos's house. It was a secret until Belén notified some reporters, in exchange for money, and then accused Alejandra Rubio of being "the mole."

María Teresa, according to the magazine Week, he has given up everything for lost and does not want to participate in the Belén Ro show. Carmen Borrego has recognized that the presenter is affected by being a second mother for the tertullian.

«I also think that my mother has been hurt, but she is outside of everything. For her, Belén was a daughter, but she is on the sidelines and she must continue on the sidelines, "says Borrego. He acknowledges that the family situation is delicate, but he has made a bet: Ro and Kiko Hernández will end up making peace.

  1. Maria Teresa Campos has been very upset
  2. Maria Teresa has protected the little girl in the house

Maria Teresa Campos has been very upset

María Teresa, as explained by her granddaughter Alejandra, is going through a delicate moment as far as health is concerned. Carmen assures that she does not want to pronounce on Belén, but she admits that it is a topic that has done her a lot of damage. It was a third daughter for her: they have worked together and off camera they enjoyed a very personal relationship.

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Campos thought he knew Rodríguez, but he was completely wrong, just as Kiko Hernández has also been wrong. The difference, according to Terelu Campos's sister, is that they are going to reconcile sooner or later. She considers that it should take a while, but she is convinced that in a few months they will be laughing at everything.

«Belén and Kiko are going to reconcile, I am convinced, although I know that many things have been said. I've also been through things and now I talk to everyone, first you have to heal the wound and then start building. But I do not think that this friendship between them is destroyed because they have been there for many years and have loved a lot.

Maria Teresa has protected the little girl in the house

María Teresa supports Alejandra, one of the major victims of the war between Belén and Las Campos. The young woman has been accused of betraying her family and this information is completely false. She never called the press to get caught breaking into her family home.

«I understand that my niece Alejandra is disappointed with Belén because she accused him of something he had not done and that is hard. I am clear that Alejandra has not called the press, as Belén says, neither at the time she says nor at any time. Alejandra is an absolutely discreet girl and she speaks from the heart, she thinks that my mother has been hurt," says Carmen.

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