Mario Vaquerizo makes a drastic decision with Alaska

Mario Vaquerizo has embarked on a new adventure and will play his first leading role in the film The queen of the convent. A task that will keep him away from his wife, Alaska, more than he would like.

Sor Juanita will be the role played by Mario Vaquerizo, who will go to a convent in search of his happiness. "A job that I face with great respect and a certain modesty, although I admit that as the days go by I am gaining in confidence for everything I am learning," he confessed. A.B.C.

"I love the story, and that a priori may seem nonsense because it is still a funny and slapstick comedy," he said. The queen of the convent is a Spanish comedy in which Dulceida, Antonia San Juan and Gema Cuervo, among others, will play different nuns who will be the companions of Mario Vaquerizo.

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  1. Mario Vaquerizo will have to change his physique for the role
  2. Mario Vaquerizo did not believe that the role was his from the beginning

Mario Vaquerizo will have to change his physique for the role

To play a woman, Mario Vaquerizo will have to do without sideburns, which he loves in Alaska. A gesture that the singer will not like at all. "I will have to shave my hands and sideburns that my wife likes so much," she confessed.

However, he is not very concerned because "they tell me that since I have good hair, to be calm because in a matter of a month I will have them again." That is why Alaska will have to get used to seeing her husband for a month without the sideburns that she likes so much.

Because of the filming, the couple must be separated, but Mario thinks that this is good. "I will come and go because there are some pending actions, but it is also good that in a couple from time to time the air runs", he opined.

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And it is that the singer, on this occasion, has made the decision to prioritize his work, even if that means being separated from his wife for a while. Maybe Alaska has been a little sad with the news, but as Mario himself says, maybe it will be something good for them.

Mario Vaquerizo did not believe that the role was his from the beginning

In his facet as an actor, Mario had always played small roles in which he played himself or the 'Nancys Rubias'. That is why when he was proposed to play a leading role, he did not believe it.

"Notice that the first thing I asked was if someone had failed them because they had ended up offering me that job, but they told me it was simply because they trusted me," he was honest.

«It makes me feel that it is a role in which I do not play Mario but Juanita. An ugly woman like me, but with whom I identify because she wants to be the owner of her life and she is not satisfied with what they have imposed on her », she explains.

Sor Juanita will be surrounded by her friends, from the 'chosen family', as Vaquerizo says. "I feel very comfortable surrounded by women and also with the spiritual environment that I find with the nuns who accompany me on this adventure."

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