Mercadona sends a notice to all customers for a scam in its stores: "Beware"

Be very careful with your money, since criminals never seem to rest. Regardless of the time of day, many people are about to get scammed, without even realizing it, all over the world. The Spanish are not spared from being victims either, so it is necessary to be very alert.

This time, the scammers have chosen to impersonate a very important company in Spain: Mercadona. The Valencian supermarket chain has asked users to take extreme precautions on the Internet and on social networks. And it is that thieves do not hesitate to impersonate the identity of the company for fraud.

  1. Mercadona latest scam alert with your name
    1. The recommendations of Mercadona to avoid scams
  2. It is not the only scam that follows this method

Mercadona latest scam alert with your name

Has been Mercadona who has alerted this new scam through social networks. In a message shared through the Twitter account, the supermarket chain has warned that scammers have supplanted its name.

Using fake pages, cybercriminals post discounts and sweepstakes on behalf of Mercadona. Under a false celebration of 55 years of operation, the alleged chain used this excuse to continue publishing awards.

Once this type of offer or raffle is accessed, users are requested to provide information and private data. In this way, criminals can access bank accounts and keep the money.

The main problem with these scams is the reality they appear to be, since criminals are capable of almost perfectly cloning the official pages of Mercadona. Thus, they manage to make many people fall for their deception, believing that it is a real offer.

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The recommendations of Mercadona to avoid scams

The chain is already working to put all customers on notice. With several statements on his official channels, he confirmed that these pages are completely false. For this reason, they recommend that users never share data with third parties, especially if it is sensitive information.

Recommend that users always check to see if the channel they're viewing contains some form of verification. Only in this way can the user be sure that he is receiving accurate information. In the case of Twitter, for example, the channel of Mercadona contains a blue tick that grants official account status.

For this reason, they recommend not trusting any unofficial page that can announce the following: «To celebrate the 55th anniversary of @Mercadona, we will send a special gift bag to anyone who writes 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' on our PAGE before November 17. Good luck!!".

It is not the only scam that follows this method

The 'phishing' is the new fashion scam among Internet users. Cybercriminals specializing in this fraud continually innovate their "attacks", making it increasingly difficult not to fall for them.

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And although this time it was the turn of Mercadona, the truth is that they appropriate the identity of many other companies so that their frauds are credible. From supermarkets to clothing chains, electronics, state agencies... no one is spared from being targeted by these criminals.

In the case of supermarkets, we have the clear example of Carrefour either lidl. Among the most notorious, some offers announced to their customers that they had been winners of up to 500 to 1000 euros to be spent in stores.

On the other hand, other companies like iberian They have been victims of fishing. As reported a few weeks ago, they received different alerts in reference to contests and raffles to fly with the company. Apparently, they circulated especially through messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

As in the case of Mercadona , it was his verified Twitter account that was in charge of communicating that it was a scam. In addition, they advised users never to access domains that belonged to Iberia.

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