Notify of changes for all pensioners in 2023

Eight out of ten older people will travel in 2023. In this sense, the Imserso Trips are gaining more popularity than ever for the next season. However, there will be changes to keep in mind.

The Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, known as Imserso by the majority of the population, is already studying historical numbers that have been difficult to achieve in previous seasons. Above all, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

With these data in hand, the Government is already beginning to put the machinery in motion for next year. One of the new measures adopted is that there will be changes in the Social Tourism Program with the aim of improving the service.

  1. The new season of Imserso, in your sights
  2. Reduction of places: one of the changes in the Imserso for 2023
    1. The trips of the Imserso will be extended

The new season of Imserso, in your sights

The Imserso season that starts for next year has suffered several criticisms from various hoteliers. Above all, it is worth highlighting those that have come from those of the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Country.


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The main reason for the criticism is that the Government chose to freeze the price of trips. However, the hoteliers, for their part, asked that the price per person and night be increased in order to meet the costs.

However, within the new measures that will be adapted for next year, this price increase is not included. Now, the only thing left is to wait and see how hoteliers and unions take the new freeze.

Reduction of places: one of the changes in the Imserso for 2023

Although the price will be something that will not change, from the Imserso they are carrying out new changes that it is important to take into account. One of the most commented is that the number of places for domestic tourism will be increased.

Specifically, the number of places that will be taken out for this domestic tourism will be 28,442. However, stays of 15 days in this type of travel, aimed at pensioners, will be suppressed.

In this context, another of the changes is that the Government intends to reduce the total number of places, counting those of all types of tourism. This has also been a measure criticized, since it will be the first season that Imserso starts without COVID-19.

The total reduction will be 3,000 places, compared to the last offer that was launched for social tourism. In other words, the total number of places offered for the next season will be 813,000.

The trips of the Imserso will be extended

Another of the measures that the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services is going to carry out is the increase in travel time. Currently, the average stay for Imserso trips is 7.5 days. After the changes, it is intended that this average be extended to 8 days.


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On the other hand, from the Government they also intend to provide the initiative with more budget. In total, the entity will have a budget 14% higher than this year 2022. In other words, the Imserso will have 4,472 million euros, that is, 71.7 million more if we compare it with the previous year.

In short, although it seems that places are going to be eliminated, those that remain will have better conditions than in previous years. The duration, the budget and the stays, for their part, will be lengthened, trying to get more and more elderly people to travel.

All this is intended to support these data collected by the Institute. Specifically, 80% of older people will want to travel this coming season, so the trips are already beginning to be prepared.

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