Obramat creates 100 jobs in its first warehouse in Tarragona

Obramat opens the doors of its first warehouse this morning, for renovation and construction materials, in the Tarragona region. This is located in the Francolí industrial estate, next to the Vella de València highway, a space that totals more than 7,000 square meters and in which the company has invested the sum of 17 million euros.

Before its official opening to the public, Obramat yesterday organized an inaugural ceremony with representatives of the company, the City Council and the hundred employees that the company assures that it has hired for the entry into operation of this store.

"What was a project becomes a reality for professional clients, freelancers and small companies," said the general manager of the warehouse in Tarragona, Joan Manuel Robles.

This is the fifth Obramat store in Catalonia and number 32 in Spain, being the second to be inaugurated with the new nomenclature, which seeks to leave behind the Bricomart brand, to address its potential audience more clearly. This was explained by the general director, Antonio Pulido, who valued the "professionalism and closeness" of a "digital and sustainable" company.

Pulido also remarked that the arrival of Obramat responds to "a project committed to local and regional development." And, in this sense, a few days ago the new access roundabout to the Icomar neighborhood was inaugurated, which should improve the mobility of both the company and the industrial estate and the neighborhood.

For his part, the mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricomà, valued the company's "sense of opportunity" when it arrived in the city, since "years of great investments are coming" such as the new Joan XXIII hospital, the Judicial Forum and the Residential City. "This means more work and more customers for the company and more jobs for the city," concluded the head of the municipal authority.

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