Olga Moreno's phrase for which Rocío Carrasco has taken her to court

Rocio Carrasco It's all over the media. In fact, she cannot go out into the street in peace: paparazzi and reporters chase her looking for a headline to offer to the audience. However, they are not the ones that worry the daughter of 'The greatest' the most.

Rocio Carrasco She has had to undertake dozens of legal battles against her own family and her ex-husband and father of her children, Anthony David Flores. His fight to uncover the truth has cost him many years, effort and tears.

In addition, there was a person with whom he had pending accounts, at least until last week. This is Olga Moreno, also a former member of the ex-guardia civil.

Rocío Jurado's daughter filed a lawsuit in defense of her honor against Olga, which has led her to meet face to face with her in court. Rocio Carrasco He sued her for questioning her as a mother in her first appearance on television.

The winner of survivors visited three years ago fancy saturday to grant an interview and took advantage of this opportunity to spread slander and ill-founded opinions about Rocio Carrasco. Now she has had to give explanations before a judge and with the same plaintiff in the same room.

Rocío Carrasco, ready to reveal the truth

This is how the magazine has advanced Conferences, who has stated that it has been a very "tense" meeting. As they have explained, Olga Moreno has not even had the courage to look in the face Rocio Carrasco.

The collaborator of Save me He has had to relate how he felt that day when he heard the businesswoman's false statements. "She, very sure of herself, has explained how she felt that day when" hearing this woman speak "of her children and" telling things that are false "", she said.

According to the media that we cited, the process has been seen for sentencing. But this same Friday we were able to discover that Rocio Carrasco has lost the trial, thus leaving Olga Moreno as the winner of this battle.

Rocio Carrasco


But what exactly were these words that so upset Rocio Carrasco? It would be about statements about his daughter Rocio Flores and what happened on July 27 at the house in Valdelagua.

Let's remember that day Rocio Flores He was at his mother's house and, as she explains in his docuseries, he would have beaten him up. «While she hits me, she has her mobile open, the phone that her father gave her. I don't know who was on the other end of the phone.

«She yelled «don't hit me, don't hit me», and I told her «I'm not hitting you, Rocío, my life, stop». She gets into Paco's car, gets scared with an anxiety attack and he explains that she suddenly transforms, takes out her cell phone and says "Dad, it's done".

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The juvenile sentence convicted her of mistreatment. But Olga Moreno assured fancy saturday that "it is not aggressive or violent, if it were so I would not be sitting here."

Rocio Carrasco It has not only processed this legal process against the designer. It also has other processes open that dot Olga Moreno.

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