one of your collaborators has taken legal action

onega sleeps He is going through one of the most turbulent weeks in recent times. The return to the television grid has not stopped grabbing headlines, And now, Sonsoles He continues with the support of the audience, although he is also surrounded by various controversies. And it is that an open microphone slipped a most rude comment by the journalist.

Added to this was the abrupt departure from the program Carmen Lomana. Yes, because she confessed that she was not comfortable with the program, so he decided to leave it. Now, one of the collaborators of the programantenna 3 He is clear that he will take legal action.

  1. Sonsoles Ónega, at the center of the controversy with its program
  2. Sonsoles Ónega pronounces on Lomana's departure from the program

Sonsoles Ónega, at the center of the controversy with its program

Only one month in broadcast has been enough to place the program onega sleeps at the center of all possible controversies. The format had been going strong, with new faces as collaborators, and with the most surprising signings.

Image of Sonsoles Ónega with a surprised face in her new Antena 3 program

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Tamara Gorro or Mar Flores were some of the bomb signings for the program. But a few weeks ago, a new name came directly to the set to leave everyone speechless. One of the most sought after women in recent months signed for the program onega sleeps: Esther Dona.

The widowed Marchioness of Griñón assured that she was returning to the media with strength, and with the intention of ending all speculation. However, Doña's appearance on television was not without controversy, since many wanted to give her opinion.

The journalist Marina Castaño was blunt with Doña: “She is bipolar, she takes antidepressant treatments, but she mixes them with alcohol and that is something very bad. That is why he has such scandalous outbursts that he had with Carlos in my presence so many times ».

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These words were not ignored by said, and Esther Doña stated that she would take legal action for these statements. “She is considering denouncing her. I haven't decided anything yet, because yesterday I went on TV and today has been a difficult day for me. I have been very busy, but it is a subject that we are working on, "she revealed.

General Pla d'Esther Doña to the program 'And now, Sonsoles'

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But Carmen, a close friend of Castaño, did not hesitate to come out in defense of her friend. So, in 'sociality' she would address the issue when she was asked by reporters in a 'photocall'.

«That he take measures, because as soon as everything that exists begins to come out. He is a character that does not interest me, he lacks interest », she assured.

«It is amazing. It's that she's suddenly totally lying because the judge ran out because she already looked like poor Carlos Falcó. How badly he lies, how he lies, it is already due to psychopathy, "he sentenced

Sonsoles Ónega pronounces on Lomana's departure from the program

onega sleeps He had to witness live how Carmen decided to say goodbye to the program and stop being part of the team. And it is that, Carmen did not feel sufficiently valued in the magazine.

«I really like to communicate, I really like communication and I really like television. I really like being able to talk about interesting things. But not take a walk on a set, “said the communicator.

On the other hand, onega sleeps he wanted to shed some light on the matter and spoke out. "Carmen has made this decision and she is fine," said the presenter before the microphones ofEurope Press. In addition, he assured that it had been his decision and not the program's.

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