only 2 witnesses accompany them

Thais Villas and Òscar Dalmau got married in secret this Monday morning, November 28. The ceremony was intimate and with civil office in Barcelona. The couple have been together for many years and currently have two children together.

Only the two witnesses, necessary for the signing of the relationship, have accompanied them exclusively. Likewise, after the wedding, the journalist born in Fraga left quickly because she had to take the AVE in the direction of Madrid. There she works as a collaborator in the program 'El intermedio' of The sixth.

  1. A short, fast and crowd-free ceremony
  2. A relationship that arose at work

A short, fast and crowd-free ceremony

In the same way, at 12:00 noon, Òscar Dalmau has presented 'The competition' in RAC1 completely normal. As published by the newspaper Majorthe couple has given the "yes I want" in the Civil Registry of Barcelona, located in the Plaza del Duque de Medinaceli. Only the two necessary witnesses attended the signing to be able to sign the partnership agreement between the two journalists.

The couple formed by the two visible faces of television, recently married, have two children in common. The eldest daughter is called Ia and she is seven years old and Miró is the youngest of the family who has already turned four.

A relationship that arose at work

Villas and Dalmau met in RAC1 many years ago. There they fell in love and since then they have shared a life together but apart. When they decided to have children, Villas, who was among Madrid Yo Barcelona He had to reconcile family life with professional life.

First, he took the eldest daughter, Ia, to Madrid, but with the arrival of the second to the family they decided to stay in the Catalan capital. In this way, the collaborator of The sixthtravel to Madrid only when necessary.

Òscar currently works on the radio station's daily program 'La competencia' RAC1 as co-director and announcer. Here he began to work since its creation, in 2009 and deals with humor based on the current affairs of the day broadcast from Monday to Friday from 12 to 13 noon.

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