Ortega Cano's youngest son already meets the new woman of his life

Ortega Cano He still does not have a divorce agreement and therefore, it has not been signed either, but both of them already lead their lives very far apart. last weekend, Ana Maria Aldon He turned 45 and celebrated with his colleagues from the program Party.

Before, however, she met with her still husband and the little one in common to blow out the candles and celebrate, in a more formal way, the last family anniversary. While her colleagues, in full direct, gave her a 'satisfyer', Ortega Cano He was already walking around the capital in the company of another woman.

Image of Ana María Aldón, José Ortega Cano and their son walking down the street

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  1. Ortega Cano enjoys the company of a friend through the streets of Madrid
  2. Ortega Cano takes the opportunity to disconnect and surrounds himself with friends

Ortega Cano enjoys the company of a friend through the streets of Madrid

While Ana Maria Aldon contest on the show media party of TelecincoJoseph Ortega Cano take the opportunity to walk through the streets of the capital. And she does it in the company of her friend Isabel Luna, a singer with whom she has an old friendship.

This friendship goes back forty years. Isabel Luna was married to Rafael del Estad, who died in 2013. The former bullfighter had a great friendship with Rafael and, therefore, now maintains it with his widow, Isabel Luna.

Isabel Luna and Ortega Cano

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To the room 'La Giralda de Madrid', with Andalusian overtones and art, is where the ex deAna Maria Aldon enjoy the show that Isabel Luna gave for her fans in the capital. Thus, she did not want to miss the opportunity to attend to enjoy her friend's art and also to see her.

However, he did not attend this event alone, but was accompanied by his little sister, Carmen, and her husband, Aniceto Esteban.

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Ortega Cano takes the opportunity to disconnect and surrounds himself with friends

Within the family relationship that unites them, Aniceto and José Ortega have always been great friends. And it is that Carmen's husband supports the right-handed man in everything he can.

L'ex d'Ana Maria Aldon it's not going through a good time with all the divorce and other mixed problems. Therefore, it is logical that, at least, for one night, you want to clarify surrounded by friends.

Capified of public opinion and the media involved, the divorce between the bullfighter and the designer accelerated. There are many rumors and assumptions in between, but none have confirmed anything yet.

Image of Ortega Cano with his brother-in-law Ancieto

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They want and want it to be a mutually agreed divorce in which Ana María is the one who leaves the family home. And since they also want the best for the little one, they have chosen joint custody.

However, as revealed by journalists from Telecinco, Ana Maria Aldon He would have asked the right-handed man for a monthly compensation of one thousand euros for the maintenance of the child. In the first moment, Ortega Cano I would have seen this measure well, since the child attends a private school and does numerous extracurricular activities.

However, moments later, someone close to the bullfighter would have questioned this measure since it is a joint custody. Apparently, this person would have made the right-hander rethink this, for whom nothing has yet been signed.

It should be remembered that these are alleged rumors that have not been confirmed by any of the parties. Also, Ana Maria Aldon took advantage of one of the programs in Party to explain it in emma garcia that she didn't want money, that she would pay him everything from now on.

As for the versions of the journalists and these words of the designer, they contradict each other. However, what is clear is that in a short time the agreement will be known and the reality of the divorce will be known.

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