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Coin collecting is one of the most present in Spain. In fact, there are still many people who earn large sums of money doing business with these small collectibles.

In this sense, both the old coins and some more modern ones have value. Also, as a curiosity, there have been copies sold for more than 15 million euros. Without a doubt, a business that can be very worthwhile.

Although there are many coins and bills that can be sold for large sums of money, there is one that has stood out as special in recent times. And it is a fairly old 5 pesetas.

  1. The pesetas still have value
  2. This is the 5 pesetas coin worth €25,000
  3. These are the sellers of the famous coin

The pesetas still have value

The coins that can be found in the world of collecting are varied. Some old ones can reach a sale price of no less than 800,000 euros. However, there are also high-value 2-euro coins and even some one-cent coins.

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In this case, one of the ones that stands out the most is a 5 pesetas coin. Contrary to what we may think, they continue to gain value, although they are no longer exchanged at the Bank of Spain.

In particular, there are several pesetas coins that can cost up to 250,000 euros. A significant sum that makes them the most sought after on the market. This one, in particular, although it does not reach that figure, has a value that also attracts attention.

This is the 5 pesetas coin worth €25,000

The five pesetas coin that comes for 25,000 euros dates from 1957. If you have it at home, maybe it can make you rich without you knowing it before. In fact, there are some sellers that offer you for that money over the Internet.

Image of the 5 pesetas coin of 1957


The text that accompanies this collector's item describes it as a “5 pesetas coin from 1957 with a 58 star”. For this reason, the face of Francisco Franco appears on one of its sides. Around the face of the dictator you can see the following text: «Francisco Franco, caudillo de España por la G. de Dios».

Image of the 5 pesetas coin of 1957


Next to the text appears in the year: 1957. Now it has become one of the most sought after coins. On the reverse we can see the coat of arms of Spain with the heraldic mark of the imperial eagle, one of the most important signs of the dictatorship. And next to it, the legend appears: "One, big, free." This motto was also widely used during the Franco regime.

These are the sellers of the famous coin

Now that you know a little more about this famous 5 pesetas coin, you will be interested to know that there are already a couple of sellers that offer it online. The first is located in Vigo, Galiciaand offers it with free shipping.

Photo of a lot of pesetas.

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As specified: "Normally, it will be sent within 2 working days from the time the payment is made." So we can see it on the pageebaywhere it is published.

The other seller is located in Madrid. In this case, shipping will be 7.50 euros, although the shipping time will be the same. It also has two coins of the same class.

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Both sellers sell this 5 pesetas coin from the year 1957. However, the state of conservation does differ. However, the sale price is also the same: no less than 25,000 euros. This high price means that it has become one of the 5 pesetas coins with the highest value that we can find in the current market.

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