Police alert for a very real scam: if they call you for that, hang up quickly

The police have warned the public of a new scam method. It is done over the phone and they can extract large amounts of money from the victims. In this case, criminals often target the elderly, who are the most vulnerable population group.

Usually they receive a call from an unknown number, which is usually preceded by a foreign prefix. The person on the other end of the phone knows exactly who it is addressed to. They try to choose their potential scammers well.

If the play goes well, they can get a lot of money and quickly. The National Police has already detected several similar cases in cities like Valladolid and the victims are almost always grandparents. Criminals try to take advantage of them, resorting to the emergency or appealing to feelings, so that they fall into the trap.

  1. What is the new scam that has alerted the police?
  2. The recommendations made by the Police

What is the new scam that has alerted the police?

In general, they usually know quite a few personal details of the victim, such as the name and address. When they pick up the phone, the lies and the scam begin.

They pose as lawyers or police officers and make their interlocutor believe that a son or brother has been involved in a traffic accident. They insist on the seriousness of the facts and even go so far as to imitate the voice of the family member. They say that he would have run over someone and among those affected there would be a child or a pregnant woman.

Photo of a person using a mobile phone.

Criminals do not hesitate to pose as relatives of the victims | fake images

They assure the victims by telephone that the injuries are serious and that the victims are torn between life and death. From there is when they begin to make requests for money as a deposit. If not, they warn that the relative would end up in prison.

They demand figures that are around between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. They are usually quite high amounts that very few people usually have at home. In this regard, they propose to keep all the cash they have, as well as the jewels.

The police explain that, in general, the criminals usually meet the victims at their own home. Although it is also common for them to do so in the vicinity of it. They almost always give them a series of instructions with which they must perform.

The recommendations made by the Police

For the moment, most of these cases have occurred in Castilla y León. However, it is not ruled out that they continue with this scam attempt in other parts of Spain. The agents are already studying the different complaints presented and have wanted to offer a series of recommendations.

Above all, there is a special interest in getting this message of prevention to the older population. First of all, it is necessary to be wary of phone numbers with an unknown prefix. They are usually from abroad and will almost never bring us something positive.

Photo of a person holding their mobile phone.

As regards the payment method that scammers propose, it is not usual to pay judicial bonds. In addition, it is never claimed by phone or by email. Nor will they go to pick it up at anyone's home.

Everything is perfectly regulated and if you have any kind of doubt, it is always better to contact the Police. In addition, they stress the need not to provide personal data in any case. If we give you names of relatives or the phone number of someone close to you, we will be making the task easier for them.

If one day you receive a call of these characteristics, what is needed is to cut it. The next thing would be to contact 091 so that they study your case and can find the criminals.

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