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The clothing and accessories chain Primark will expand its store Barcelona located in Diagonal Mar. Despite this expansion, the textile company does not foresee new openings in the Catalan territory. Last year the chain opened a new store in the province of Girona.

As explained by the Irish firm in a statement on Tuesday, November 29, it does not contemplate new openings in Catalonia in the near future. They stand out, but that last 2021, Primark opened its first store in the municipality Girona of Salt. This business was located in the Espai shopping center Girones on the outskirts of the town.

  1. An expansion and several new stores
  2. New openings in Catalonia

An expansion and several new stores

low cost clothing chain Primark plans to reform and expand its store in the Diagonal Mar shopping center in the Catalan capital. This new project is expected to be carried out during the next two years. In addition, the brand plans to open a total of eight establishments throughout the Spanish state.

To make these new openings possible, the company will carry out an investment of more than eighty million euros. For its part, the textile chain will allocate another twenty million to renovating and improving existing premises. In general terms, Primark It plans to expand its current workforce by 11%, reaching 10,000 workers throughout Spain.

New openings in Catalonia

This will not be the only company that will allocate a large investment to expand and open new stores throughout Catalonia. the supermarket company lidl will invest more than 100 million euros and plans to close the year with eight new stores. During this year 2022 the company has launched four new establishments, two in the province of Girona and two in the Barcelona.

This investment will also allow it to close its year with the opening of four new stores, the modernization of an existing supermarket and the expansion of its headquarters. In total, the chain of German origin has almost 130 points of sale in Catalonia and a logistics platform in operation in Montcada i Reixac.

Its commitment to grow in the territory and be closer to the consumer, plans to build two new stores in Martorell (Barcelona) and Constantine (tarragona). Thanks to its growth, the brand is already responsible for almost 23,000 jobs, including direct, indirect and induced personnel in the region.

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