Princess Leonor, in love with a Barça footballer

Leonor, Leonor and more Leonor. The princess grows older and her priorities change. In fact, everything seems to indicate that one of these priorities is in Catalonia. According to socialiteThe princess closely follows all the steps of Gavi, the young footballer of the barca. In other words, she would be 'hung'.

They assure that the heiress is a great follower of the soccer player and things go further. Since she would be very excited about the possibility of meeting him in person and she trusts that her wishes come true in a short time. At the moment, the only thing that has coincided has been King Felipe.

In the purest Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin style, we will see if one day Princess Leonor takes the step and appears in the Camp Nou box.

  1. Leonor wants to meet Gavi
  2. Eleanor had a bad experience

Leonor wants to meet Gavi

Without going any further, his father has already met the young footballer and, according to socialite, Leonor experienced the situation with some envy. Last week, Felipe had the opportunity to speak with the young man just after the debut of the Spanish team in the World Cup against Costa Rica. Match where, by the way, Gavi was one of his scorers.

Apparently, the Sevillian, raised in the Masía, would have given the monarch a signed shirt, but they assure that it was not the size of the king, but something smaller. Something that made us understand that it was directly for Leonor.

A gesture that, without a doubt, will have made you emotional. As a result of this, some media are already beginning to speculate on the possibility that he will go to a stadium to follow the evolution of the young player of the barca, who is barely 18 years old. Now, what is clear is that —for sure— they will not miss any of the games that the Spanish team plays in this World Cup in Qatar.

Photomontage of Princess Leonor and the footballer Gavi

| Catalonia Daily

And all this happens while Leonor is already thinking about her return to Spain. Recently she could be seen around our country enjoying the delivery of the Awards that bear her name to Asturias. However, his stay in the Principality was not as pleasant as he expected.

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Eleanor had a bad experience

Leonor felt unwell during the visit and had to leave for the hotel early. Likewise, something similar happened to her sister Sofía de ella. The origin of the problem is unknown, although some doctors assured that it could be a virus.

Apparently, they had eaten the same as the other guests at the reception, but no one felt bad. However, the future heiress to the throne suffered some very complicated hours that forced her to leave the act early.

Now, everything indicates that he is already preparing his return to Spain to enjoy the Christmas holidays with his family. In Wales they enjoy more vacation days, so you can recharge your batteries with yours throughout December.

Image of Gavi, the footballer and Barcelona player

| Europe Press

Last Christmas she could barely be seen in public, so we had to settle for congratulations from the Real home. And it is that the restrictions due to the pandemicthey forced her to suspend any kind of official engagement.

Now it will only be necessary to follow closely in Leonor's footsteps and, who knows, if one day she will be seen in the Camp Nou box, in the purest Cristina and Urdangarin style.

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