Risto Mejide positions himself politically and shocks his audience

If there is something that characterizes Risto Mejide, it is that he does not mince words when it comes to giving his opinion. The presenter has known very well how to exploit the most controversial side of him and there is no doubt that he has found his place on television. Now, the ex of Laura Escanes has returned to the focus of the controversy with the latest statements about the information from the wife of President Pedro Sánchez.

Risto Mejide has managed to convert his program, everything is a lie, in an innovative format that collects large audience data. And it is through him where the presenter shamelessly shows his opinions on current issues, and often this puts him in some controversy.

  1. Risto Mejide revolutionizes the networks with comments about Begoña Gómez
  2. Risto Mejide and his new stage

Risto Mejide revolutionizes the networks with comments about Begoña Gómez

Pedro Sánchez's wife, Begoña Gómez, has been the protagonist of some theories on the Internet that have little to do with reality. And from the Risto Mejide program, Everything is a liethe presenter wanted to position himself and break a spear in favor of Begoña.

Photo by Risto Mejide.

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«A new conspiracy theory, or better, an absolutely delusional barbarity. This theory has achieved the unthinkable: that Irene Montero and Macarena Olona coincide, ”explained the presenter before putting the viewer in a situation.

It was Mariló Montero who was in charge of revealing what this theory that fully affected the president's wife was about:

"There is an extreme right-wing denialist theory that questions the sexuality of Begoña Gómez," the journalist revealed to the astonishment of Risto Mejide.

Risto did not hesitate to show his horror at the news, and pronounced himself: "That is absolutely delusional," Mejide sentenced. Montero continued: "In addition, he accuses him of having ties to Moroccan drug trafficking."

The presenter took advantage of his program as a speaker to denounce this type of behavior in certain media. A response that was widely applauded on social networks, to come out in defense of Begoña:

Photo by Risto Mejide.


«It is sad, it is very sad, that these types of statements end up splashing all the media, including this one, I am not going to excuse myself. But it is that it is necessary to denounce that these people continue saying these atrocities », he sentenced.

«Someone can be attacked for their decisions, for their policy, for their government action and it is perfectly legal, and it is even healthy. Now, saying that outrageous thing that has been said about the person who, moreover, is not even the President of the Government seems to me something unacceptable, "Mejide asserted.

Risto Mejide and his new stage

On November 29, the publicist turned 48, at a rather turbulent time. Risto Mejide shared with his followers on Instagram a publication in which he spoke of the moment in which he was. He assured that "the best was yet to come."

In addition, in this publication he took the opportunity to give thanks for everything that life had given him:

«A family that loves and supports me, two children who are my true and only loves. Faithful and loyal friends who are the best. A profession that is my passion and with which I learn and enjoy every day, “wrote the presenter.

After his break with Laura Escanes last September, the publicist assures that he still has a lot to discover. And above all, as he remarks in the post: "love without haste".

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