Rocío Flores asks Olga Moreno a tough question about her mother

Rocio Flores she has always wondered what the truth is about all the stories she has been told about her mother. Although she currently does not maintain any kind of contact with Carrasco, the truth is that she, more than once, has expressed her desire to meet him again.

It is enough to remember one of the broadcasts ofAna Rosa's programwhere the 'influencer', looking at the camera and her eyes full of tears, asked her mother to pick up the phone to have a conversation with her.

Rocío Flores and Rocío Carrasco

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And, although this moment has never occurred, the mother of Rocio Flores has had no objection to speaking through his documentary series, Rocío, tell the truth to stay alivefrom the hell she had to live through during and after her relationship with Antonio David.

But, before knowing her testimony, both the former civil guard and her ex-partner, Olga Moreno, have given an exclusive talking about the television presenter. That's why, Rocio Flores has had no problem asking the winner of survivors 2021 for her mother.

Rocío Flores finds out all the details

Rocio Flores has been able to remember what Olga said about her mother in one of her interviews in Deluxe, And all thanks to social networks. Thus, a few days ago we were able to see one of the most anticipated images of the year.

After several months, finally Rociíto and the Sevillian have seen their faces in court. And it is that, some time ago, the mother of Rocio Flores filed a lawsuit against Antonio David's ex-partner for some statements he made on this program.

Olga Moreno's first plan


Now, a Twitter user has rescued the fragment in which Moreno talks about the alleged treatment that Carrasco gave her children when they were with her.

In one of your interviews for Conferences There is a phrase that has stuck with me. And it is that, you say that Rocio Flores has come to ask you: 'What's going on? Doesn't my mother love me?'” Jorge Javier assured, while Olga nodded in agreement.

"He has asked me," confirmed the interviewee. «I don't understand why he's not with her... Today, I still wonder. She loves a drug addict, she loves any person on the street, as you would not love your children », she assured.

After these harsh statements, Moreno explained what she and Antonio David did when Rocio Flores and his brother would spend with them the time stipulated by the judge. And it is that, as the interviewee implied, when they were with their mother, the children had no social life.

«Every 15 days we had the children. This weekend was to go to the park, to go to the movies, to get them out of the house, so they could enjoy themselves... During the holidays, I have never stayed at home. We have always gone somewhere », she said.

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After hearing this incredible story, the presenter of the Deluxe wanted to dig a little into that information and Olga had no problem explaining what, supposedly, David and Rocio Flores they had told her.

"That's what the kids say. When we asked them about what they had done with their mother… », she remained silent, implying that the brothers were not carrying out any activity with Carrasco.

Photo of Rocío Carrasco crying.

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In relation to the life that supposedly the mother of Rocio Flores she had chosen to wear, Olga was convinced that she "cannot be happy". «In other words, from my point of view, he cannot be happy. I am happy, "replied the winner of survivors 2021.

However, the tension began to increase when Jorge Javier asked the interviewee about the alleged episode in which they starred. Rocio Flores and her mother and that she ended up with the daughter of 'The greatest' in the hospital.

And it is that, according to the Sevillian, "this fact is talked about, but this fact is the least of it... It is many years ago, it is not this specific fact."

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