Sara Carbonero receives bad news and assumes that there is no turning back

Sarah Carbonero He did not expect to find such a painful change at this time in his life, like the one he received just seven days ago.

It was November 21 when the influencer and sports journalist saw how the ghosts of the cancer she suffered in 2019 returned to her life. And they did it in the form of an urgent operation after Sara went to one of the routine check-ups to find out how her health was.

No one expected this shocking news for the life of Sarah Carbonero, and it was none other than being forced to undergo surgery quickly. This happened because the doctors at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra were aware that something was not going well with the health of the former deIker Casillas.

  1. Sara Carbonero alarms her family after a new drink
  2. More accompanied than ever by his own
  3. It is not known when the ex of Iker Casillas will be discharged

Sara Carbonero alarms her family after a new drink

Everything precipitated in a few hours since the last review of the journalist, Carbonero was intervened and it seems that satisfactorily. Of course, the reason for this new mishap is still unknown, although it would be related to the disease that arose three years ago.

Sara Carbonero's first plan


Two days later, the news published in Conferences when they revealed the mishap suffered by the excommunicator of Telecinco. A setback that left her millions of followers frozen who always want the best for her and who have followed her adventures for years.

Sara has had to face this new setback in her battered health in the best possible way, and she has done so by facing the problem head-on. She knows that it is not the first time that she has suffered certain difficulties in this journey that she began in May 2019 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

More accompanied than ever by his own

He is aware that being mentally well is essential for him to resist those onslaughts that life gives him. And he has next to him his relatives, his partner and, of course, the father of his two children, Iker Casillas.

Photo by Sara Carbonero.


Some of the important people in her life, such as the Madrid exporter, cannot be with her physically, accompanying her to the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra. But she has been worried since the first minute she heard the news, barely a week ago.

Sara has received bad news, the news she feared the most: her state of health has made the front page of Soon. This magazine has explained everything and she has assumed that there is no going back. She will also explain, but in turn.

Although he is now working as a sports commentator for the public entity at the World Cup in Qatar, the Spanish international exporter is somewhat sad. He cares day and night to know up-to-date how the mother of his children is.

Meanwhile in MadridCarbonero knows that the support that her relatives and her boyfriend Nacho Taboada are giving her will be vital. It will be when it comes to overcoming that trance that we hope, for the sake of the influencer, will remain in a scare.

It is not known when the ex of Iker Casillas will be discharged

We must be positive about its current state if we stick to the words that the presenter ofNews telecincoIsabel Jimenez. The television company assured that her friend was "fine", concisely.

She is one of those people who are giving all the strength in the world to her partner and friend. Sarah Carbonero.

And surely, in a matter of days, we can see the sports journalist leave the hospital on her own foot and continue leading her life as before.

Of course, always following the advice of the doctors, who are surely showing the care that you should have once you leave the Madrid hospital.

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