'Save me' announces the new signing that nobody understands in the midst of a crisis

Save me He does not plan to give up and fights to survive on the grill of Telecinco. For this reason, he has decided to incorporate a new collaborator who has not finished convincing the public. Perhaps the audience was expecting someone with more renown.

  1. Save me and his new face to raise the audiences
  2. Devastating information for the Pantoja clan
  3. The public does not respond

Save me and his new face to raise the audiences

The new signing of the evening program of Telecinco has been the exam ofIsabel Pantoja, Begona Gutierrez. Despite this new attempt to Save me to stay on the surface, the audience has not responded as expected.

In the midst of the hurricane generated by Bernardo Pantoja's health problems and his subsequent death, it has not been understood that he reached the Gutiérrez set. And it is that he did it with a lot of desire to bring down the reputation of 'la tonadillera' and his family.

Capture of Begoña Gutiérrez to 'Save me'.

| Telecinco

The new partner of Save me It is clear that her participation in the television program will mean a before and after in the musical career of 'la tonadillera'. In fact, he has assured that the artist could even cancel his tour of the USA after hearing everything he has to say about her and about her closest environment. Her brother, Agustín, is also in Begoña's sights.

«They are a limited company condemned to understand each other, they will never go against each other. She is doomed to get along with her brother and even leave her children aside," Gutiérrez assured in his first appearance last Wednesday in Save me .

Editing by Isabel Pantoja and Agustín Pantoja

| Catalonia Daily

Devastating information for the Pantoja clan

As if these words were not enough, the new collaborator of Save me he had an ace up his sleeve to the astonishment of all his new companions.

« Something very strong will come out in the press very soon. Do not touch my balls, "said Begoña remarkably angry.

Despite these statements, he did not want to give too much information on the matter, just a clue: "Things are about threesomes."

The truth is that he was not referring to any polyamorous affair, but to something "economic." And it is that this was the last appreciation of him, without wanting to give more details. "Inexpensive," he added without dropping another hint.

Isabel Pantoja


After his intervention in Save methe exam ofIsabel Pantoja it generated great interest among his peers, but not among the audience. In fact, from the program he was offered to return, something that was thought about a lot but that he ended up accepting. It was then that Adela González asked the leadership of the program to draw up a contract for her immediately.

"It will pay you well, won't it?" added one. Maria Patino interested in the secret about Isabel Pantoja Saved by Begoña Gutiérrez.

After these words from the Galician journalist, the new collaborator replied that she was not interested in money, that she did not care. «I am a lot lydia lozanoI identify myself”, added the tertullian.

Photo by Adela González and María Patiño to 'Save me'.

| Telecinco

After this bureaucratic matter, the presenter of Save me He decided to entrust him with a mission. "You have work tonight. You have to look for all the information," Adela González asked.

In addition, he requested some more audio about the aunt ofAnabel Pantoja. And it is an issue that never leaves the fore.

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The public does not respond

Despite the commotion caused by the arrival of the new tertullian Save me on the set, the program failed to take flight. The television space touched historical lows that could be understood, in part, by the debut of Spain in the World Cup in Qatar on La 1 on RTVE.

General plan of the set of Sábado Deluxe with some of its collaborators

| mediaset

It is clear that the attempts to bring back Save me They don't stop at the top of the list. However, at the moment they are not serving much. Who knows what will be the next letter from the dome of Telecinco to try to catapult the television space back to the top of the evening schedule.

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