Shakira, caught at the weekend with a mysterious man: there are photos

The last friday, Shakira He left Catalonia. After sending a statement against the Treasury, the Colombian was seen at the Barcelona airport with her brother Tonino and her two children, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 7 respectively. In addition, the singer carried several suitcases. Where was she headed?

Everything pointed to the fact that Gerard Piqué's ex-partner was heading towards Miami, Florida. Especially since, according to witnesses who were at the scene, they assured that she was seen with up to 9 suitcases. For this reason, alarm bells went off as to whether it could be the beginning of the move to his new mansion.

The singer was seen on Friday afternoon at the Josep Tarradellas airport in Barcelona with her two children and several suitcases. Some journalists knew that this march could take place, which is why they were waiting for it in the area. Seeing the artist, they approached to ask him, but Shakira did not say neither donkey nor beast.

Shakira dressed in purple and sunglasses at the Barcelona airport

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The middle Blue He was able to speak with the reporter Marc Leirado, at the Catalan airport and these were his exclusive statements by the outlet.

«This time it has been very strange. They have set it up so that the press does not have the family photo of him with all the suitcases at the airport. I have followed a van from Shakira's house where Tonino, brother of Shakira, two domestic workers and the youngest son, Sasha. They went with nine suitcases and a backpack.

«If you go on a weekend you don't take all this with you. They have unloaded at the private terminal and Shakira's car has arrived driven by her secretary. She has stopped at the service door and Shakira has come out and has entered quickly. Then the secretary has left the eldest son, Milan, "concluded the journalist.

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Shakira in love again?

Finally, it was learned that Shakira He left Catalonia, yes, but not Spain. In this way, the information of a possible trip to Miami was denied. Thus, the numerous baggage that he was carrying could turn into the fact that he was heading to the Cantabrian coast to surf, one of his great passions.

The most surprising thing, however, is not that you march from the weekend to Cantabria. If not that she was seen with another man surfing. She could be Shakira in love again? Could it be a simple friendship? Or was he just the instructor of this aquatic sport? The paparazzi Jordi Martin presented the images of him exclusively.

At the moment, no one has spoken about it and the images that have come to light would not prove anything, since to be honest there is no affective attitude between them. In any case, we will have to wait to see how everything evolves.

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