The cheap clothing chain that is opening stores throughout Catalonia

Be very careful with the chain that is growing by leaps and bounds in Spain. Such is its incipient expansion that other companies such as decathlon they might be shaking from the boom in their stores. And it is that the chain we are talking about has managed to create a great void in the Spanish market, with quality clothing and affordable prices.

belonging to the british Sports, Sprinter It is becoming one of the favorite sportswear chains among customers. It is not surprising, especially if we take into account its wide catalog and prices.

  1. 'Sprinter' is making its way through Spain: the stores it has opened
  2. The future expansion of the 'Sprinter' stores
    1. One of the keys has been the improvement of the stores

'Sprinter' is making its way through Spain: the stores it has opened

The sports chain is experiencing one of its best moments. After having closed the leading year for the sector in Spain, the number of establishments exceeds that of other well-known ones, such as decathlon. Sprinter It opened its first store in 1995 in Valencia and, since then, the company has not stopped growing favorably.

This year, the chain has opened 16 new establishments throughout Spain. And before the end of the year, 2 others are expected to do so. Recently, the store located in the Plaza Norte 2 shopping center in Madrid. To this will be added those that will open in Nigrán and Vilanova i la Geltrú.



Of the stores, the whole set of fashion, accessories and materials focused on the practice of a large number of sports stands out. In addition, they have a catalog that brings together major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma or Fila.

They even have models of these brands that are designed exclusively for Sprinter. To these characteristics are added the prices, which adapt to the pocket of many.

The future expansion of the 'Sprinter' stores

Despite the chain's good numbers, by 2023 it intends to improve them. As this year, they expect to open another 16 stores distributed throughout the territory. In this way, these 16 new ones would be added to the 205 stores that it already has.

In addition, the expansion is not only aimed at Spain, but at other countries. For now, it is expected that Sprinter open 12 stores in the Netherlands. Two will be conversions of the stores Perry Yo Share. With the intention of leaving its mark in the country, the chain is working on market knowledge.

As stated by the retail director of the chain for Alicante square, «we are not closed to anything to open a store (...). With an expansion as strong as the one we are carrying out, we do not exclude any possibility”.

It also highlights that despite being minimal numbers, the chain does not reject moving forward with new opportunities that arise. That is, new openings could be added to those planned. A factor that can positively determine the increase in sales.

One of the keys has been the improvement of the stores

Something fundamental for the success of these stores has been, according to the director of Retail, raising the point of sale. In this sense, the stores have new procedures to improve the customer experience.


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For this reason, in some of the stores it is possible to find fingerprint scanners to choose the best footwear or biometrics, designed to plan the client's sports or nutrition.

Added to this is the incorporation of the 'Sprinter Pass' or 'click & collect' service. The first, for example, is a training, nutrition, and meditation app. It adapts to all levels and has all kinds of classes.

These improvements, which facilitate customer purchase management, have augured the return of many customers to the chain's establishments. And of course, having an online store has allowed exponential growth in sales volume.

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