The DGT eliminates the most annoying penalty for drivers

The DGT You can no longer be fined, at least for a very common and controversial reason. Traffic contemplates a series of novelties for the coming weeks, including the elimination of one of the most frequent and annoying fines. From now on, police officers will no longer be able to penalize anyone for this.

It is true that among the most common are fines for speeding, especially on highways. In addition, it is necessary to make a special mention of those that are related to the safety elements of the vehicle or to distractions. The use of mobile phones behind the wheel is penalized and continues to be a pending issue for drivers.

  1. The fine that the DGT has decided to eliminate: they will no longer penalize you
  2. Why did you decide to eliminate that fine?
  3. The new signs of the DGT

The fine that the DGT has decided to eliminate: they will no longer penalize you

In recent years they have tried to harden them as much as possible so that they do not commit these illegalities. However, there are also others that can go more unnoticed and that also push many users to checkout. They are not so serious, but nobody takes the fine away from us. We talked about the fact of having to carry our driver's license with us every time we take the car. Many drivers tend to leave it in the same car, while others prefer to keep it in their wallet along with the rest of their documents.

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The obligation to carry the card has always generated a lot of controversy. Many people think that it does not make much sense in this day and age. Today there are several technological advances that allow us to take it to the mobile or in any other format.

Why did you decide to eliminate that fine?

Therefore, every time you are stopped by traffic agents you will not have to show your card. They will be able to verify your data electronically and, in a matter of seconds, they will know if you have the permit and if it is in force. They also have the possibility of being aware of other possible violations or open legal cases.

In this way it will no longer be mandatory to carry the driver's license with us when we take the car. Before it was essential to avoid ending up penalized, but from now on it will be enough to identify yourself to the agents. For example, with our DNI they will be able to carry out all the necessary checks. However, from the DGT They recommend always traveling with a driver's license, especially since it will speed up any process.

Woman getting a Spanish driving license.


The new signs of the DGT

The DGT is preparing to face a series of modifications in the traffic regulations over the coming weeks. There will also be news regarding traffic signs: they had not been updated for 18 years and now they intend to better adapt to the evolution of mobility in society.

This regulation tries to increase the communicative power of the signals and facilitate the understanding by the citizens. The essential objective is that they help satisfy the needs of users and provide greater security to the different routes. This signaling will undergo changes in terms of dimensions and configuration. In the case of those that include pedestrians, the silhouette will be clearer and more contoured. There will be new signs associated with the use of bicycles and combined crosswalks.

In addition, a modernization in the designs will be appreciated in terms of certain types of signals, for example, those that have trains and motorcycles as protagonists, but also those that indicate proximity to school zones.

They also want to improve visualization, so some elements will replace gray with black to sit on a white background. All this tries to ensure that both pedestrians and drivers and cyclists can circulate more safely and reduce the accident rate.

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